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  1. going to the BIOS and setting Onboard Audio to Enabled works
  2. my HP a6098d now has no sound after upgrading to ATI HD4670 help please i think it has to do with the ATI HDMI Audio used as the default audio device as i read in some forums but now in my Audio Devices, i only see ATI HDMI
  3. i want to upgrade my HP a6098d with a new GPU say GeForce 9600GT or ATI 46xx or 48xx series. so i need to upgrade my PSU (Bestec ATX250 12Z H3R - something similar (cant find an exact match) < if i am not wrong will go home and check it again) the person at the computer shop asked me to bring my whole case down so he can check if my case can fit a new PSU and the GPU. but its troublesome, so i wonder if any1 knows if a new PSU and GPU will fit? for GPU i guess as long as i dun get a super hig end 1 with a big HSF will be ok?
  4. if i have a macro from a local excel file call a function from another excel file over the network will it work? and will it increase network traffic? i am thinking it will be ok right? cos i will be using workbooks.open() to open the file over network then call the function?
  5. oh i saw that b4 i posted this. but it does not tell me which is better?
  6. i want to backup my windows vista partition, so which software best does the job? i guess since its a OS partition i need bootable functionality and also looking at features like: - compression - speed - reliability and its good to have 1 thats easy to use tried imagex but its a bit hard to use, ok not that hard but, i need to rmb commands. and btw, it will remove my vista activation such that after restoring a vista wim i need to reactivate? or did something get corrupt?
  7. hmm thanks all for ur replies. i did a search for rundii32.exe in C:\WINDOWS dir where i last rmb it was and it seems like it not there anymore. i think its in a tmp file so its gone by now. oh and i dont get the dialogs anymore. so i cant take a screenshot. but i am quite sure it was rundii32 i think i am clean. if i get anymore of those dialogs i will post here. Thanks !
  8. here is the new log, renamed hijackthis to scanner and run as administrator btw, i blocked rundii32.exe in COMODO (CFP3), yesterday, is there any place i can find that log? i also rmb that it said rundii32.exe was running from a temp file. (.tmp file) its probably gone, since its a tmp file. and i seem to rmb that it happened soon after my Nero 9 trial or winrar 3.8 install? it happened 2 times. once b4 i re-vlite-ed by vista, once after (so a clean format and install) EDIT: btw, i read that rundii32.exe seem to be a trojan when i did a search on google http://www.techsupportforum.com/security-c...2-exe-what.html but seems like i dont have it in my hijackthis so i seem to be good. btw, i am using: Vista SP1 x64 COMODO Firewall Pro 3 Avast Home Edition 4.8 ... hijackthis.txt
  9. i get alerts from COMODO firewall that rundii32.exe wants to do something. i blocked it as i think its a trojan, so now how should i remove it? i just did a hijackthis attached log hijackthis.txt
  10. where can i find that file?
  11. attached my last session and the screen shot of the error. Last_Session.ini
  12. i seem to have a bug in Adobe CS3 where the background shows thru as in the attached image my vLite Last Session is attached also Last_Session.ini
  13. hmm, let me see if i understood you correctly. manual and disabled is the same provided, other services/programs don't try to run that service? - which might cause errors to be logged - if service is disabled? however, if i can ensure i also disable the dependency, disabled will be better? - but this will be quite hard. by dependency u mean like i will check from http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm ? in short, manual is the safer and better choice ?
  14. wondering if is it true that whether the service is set to disabled or manual provides the same result in terms of performance? provided in manual it don't run, which probably won't ? thus manual will be a safer choice?
  15. @shahed26 i read that NVIDIA is recommended for use with Maya a 3D program, so its not only games its good in i guess... or maybe for softwares, NVIDIA works better with Maya only? i think NVIDIA is better in OpenGL?
  16. so for now, what i see is DDR3 1333. is that enough to justify any performance difference? also, as i see from the poll now, most says size of RAM is more important. 7 (87.5%) for amount of RAM. 1 (12.5%) for Frequency. frequency is not that important? why? cos the bottleneck will be the FSB? what is latency and how does it affect performance? its something like response time?
  17. y is it so? so i compare DDR2 & DDR3 and same frequency, eg. 1333MHz (if there is 1333 for DDR2 that is ...) the performance will be more or less the same?
  18. i am wondering if there is significant performance difference to justify the more expensive DDR3? i am wondering if maybe, if i get DDR3 with less "size" to start with... like 2 x 1GB DDR3 1333 (~S$194) would it be better than 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 (~S$112) or even 2 x 1GB DDR2 1066 HyperX (~S$112)
  19. i heard NVIDIA is better, nowadays? but some sites said ATI is good. so which is better? and why? for dual GPUs... i think its more for upgrading... of cos performance if u have too much $$$ to spare... but if its for upgrading, after say a year, computer parts will have become cheaper and it might be cheaper to buy a new card?
  20. That's changing as nVidia has licensed SLI to Intel now. It's already available on the Skulltrail motherboard but that's just a crazy setup. Nehalem motherboards (coming soon) will support SLI just as they've done with Crossfire. thats good! i am more familiar with Intel chipsets... btw, are nForce good too?
  21. i think the diff is in the FSB? 10.6GB/s vs 12.8GB/s and RAMs 6.4GB/s & 10.6GB/s vs 12.8GB/s with Intel XMP - this means? its still 6.4GB/s & 10.6GB/s without Intel XMP? so dual x8 Graphics will still be better than 1 x16? by how much... and i guess it wont be worth it right?
  22. What motherboard brand and chipset (intel) is good (value for money considering performance)? http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/chip...ets_body+dt_all some questions ... - Dual Graphics: for the X48 and X38 series, the dual PCI only supports dual x16 with ATI? for NVIDIA do i need nForce chipsets? - RAM: X48 don't support DDR2 RAM at all? if DDR3 worth it? - Motherboard: what shld i take note of? the features listed in sites seems too much and confusing to read... and various brands have their own versions of same features... hard to tell which is best... - DDR3: i think the main diff between X48 and P45 is support for 1600/XMP DDR3-1600 and dual graphics?
  23. i think i removed something with vLite and then cant connect to sch network wirelessly, isit SNMP again?
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