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  1. ooo thanks. i dont really need portablility, well ... most of the time, so i guess desktop will serve my needs better. just want to get things done faster, + i think a desktop lasts longer, i can upgrade when i need. maybe when i need portability sometime, i can get a net book or something, most of the time for work that i need to work on the go, it wont be too power intensive, or i can probably make do with something just acceptable for the moment a powerful laptop probably wont be portable like my 15" laptop now but its fast tho, at least for laptops
  2. i am wondering is there alot of difference in power consumption between a Desktop vs Laptop? ok, definitely desktop will consume more power. but i still prefer desktops because its more upgradable (so save $$ in long term) and faster. say i am not running much, can a desktop be throttled so that it uses less power? nowadays motherboards, processors & gpu say that they are "green" i wonder if its really true - compared to a laptop? will u want to buy a desktop or laptop, considering costs like electricity & other long term costs?
  3. is there a tutorial on how i can use DISM specifically to remove the components like vLite can. except when i do that, is there a list telling me the dependencies between these "components"? vlite handles most of these i guess DISM dont really do that? say i remove Component A which is required by Component B, vLite will tell me removing Component A will break Component B.
  4. ok i have used vLite b4 and am i right to say DISM is something like a command line vlite? i am trying to learn how i can use it i used /Get-Features and /Get-Packages but for example, get-features gets what i have in Add/remove windows components. when i enable something there does it also enable dependant features? how do i make sence of Get-Packages? its something like just language packs? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------- | ------------- | ------------------ Package Identity | State | Release Type | Install Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------- | ------------- | ------------------ Microsoft-Windows-Client-LanguagePack-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~en-US~6.1.7100.0 | Installed | Language Pack | 4/22/2009 9:15 AM Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Installed | Foundation | 4/22/2009 9:15 AM Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-AU-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 4/22/2009 12:40 PM Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-CA-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 4/22/2009 12:41 PM Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-GB-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 4/22/2009 12:41 PM Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-US-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 4/22/2009 12:41 PM Microsoft-Windows-LocalPack-ZA-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~6.1.7100.0 | Install Pending | Local Pack | 4/22/2009 12:42 PM is there still no vLite for Windows 7 RC? or is vLite quite safe to use for Windows 7?
  5. i think he say that as an excuse. its a client so called usable server, actually without any server hardware i think its P4 still LOL since its client's i cannot format. but sometimes i really want to ... btw. where are pictures showing smashed up hdd's? i think i kind of like them ... for de-stress :D :D :D
  6. after updating avast to the latest version, i noticed that the logon screen appears even when i do not have a password. how can i disable it?
  7. its actually a client's computer, i told my boss he says it probably the network being unstable in the country, i am remoting in. bunch of crap.
  8. i am actually getting quite frustrated with my work. 1st theres bad code, 2nd theres very unresponsive computers... what will u do if when u type something and it takes 5sec or more to appear on screen? then when u click close on the browser it can hang for >1min to close or minimize? since simple interactions like typing and clicking cannot be handled, u can imagine how irritating it can be to do real work? like exporting/importing a db, executing sql statements etc?
  9. thanks all. actually i dont mean when testing i defrag it also. just that sometimes when somethings fail. i may try to fix it in a new iso build and install it again. btw, will defragging b4 i create a image with say Acronis help in defragmentation? as in after the image is restored will be be defragmented or fragmented? what abt with imagex or some other imaging tool?
  10. i wonder if i keep format or defrag my HDD will be spoil faster? i use nLite and vLite alot and now probably i need to learn to use DISM. so if i keep testing my "builds" i need to format alot. for maintenance, i defrag. does all this spoil the HDD? for fairness. say i use my computer for my work for xxhrs vs i defrag/format/reinstall for xxhrs will the later spoil the HDD faster? since its doing read/writes for a larger part of the HDD than normal work which probably reads/writes on some parts only.
  11. i didnt install the floppy version ... hmm but seems like problem gone ... i think i have some "hangs" but maybe normal cos they are v short ... maybe i did something that takes up alot of RAM/CPU thanks ... i guess its really HDD Drivers
  12. hmm ... i feel HW development is harder because its more low level + still programming ... SW development is easier for me still ...
  13. i guess maybe setting up and administering servers? i think thats abit like what MSFN is for, in my opinion. setting up and administering servers wont change much even when the internal hardware changes. eg. intel processors change alot but to system builders and admins they are still the same ... so that kind of job wont need too much upgrading ... but i think not for me.
  14. that POS is great ... LOL total total overkill ... but it will make the cashier happier, it will maybe be better than his home PC so he will do OT to stay with that "POS"
  15. i actually like IT/Programming and all, its just that all these bad code is a great turn off... i guess other alternatives are design ... i like 3D Modelling, Texturing etc also but nv got a chance to pick it up properly ... i guess in 3D i can also put some of my programming skills to use ... theres scripting still ... so u (anyone here) will switch careers? from programming to what tho?
  16. no internet? what kind of job are u in? no need to do any kind of research?
  17. ahh seems like all developers see bad code ... maybe thats why no1 wants to be developers these days ... developers are treated like garbage collectors ... ppl need something want us to get it done no matter what ... LOL my position was a junior software developer ... not a expert reverse engineer
  18. I wanted to get some of your opinions on this issue. I am getting frustrated at the programs I am supposed to work with at my workplace. I am working as a junior software developer in a small company. A lot of times I need to "re-develop" apps - upgrade them. and so I need to understand what the apps currently do, migrate databases and such. So my recent assignment, the old one not done by me: The database for the reports has columns named e01 through e10 and in each cell (this is using access) has data like: Achieved[-[|]-]Achieved[-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]-][-[|]- Ok, O know its some kind of delimited data but how do O know what each value does represent? There is no docs so I read code, and O feel this is stupid. I waste so much time and end up with nothing much. Its working with very badly developed code/db. Btw, by the number of columns (10) * number of delimiters you can count how many fields I need to create this report right. That's very tedious. What will you do? Quit and get a job that has better quality software/clients seems a good choice? I mean, reverse engineering such an app seems like a waste of time. I rather learn to reverse engineer windows 7! Make it less bloated.
  19. thanks, btw, whats the diff between the floppy and non floppy 1?
  20. those are floppy disk drivers ... i dont have a fdd, can i just use http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Des...ms〈=eng?
  21. hmm i used AVG now, and it stills happens... so ... using process monitor i can see the graph and what processes use how much resources "now". so when it hangs i dont think i can switch to process monitor so ... is there a process monitor log or something? because it might be too late to see what process is responsible after the hang ends. and intel drivers? i dont see 1 for Windows 7. do i use the 1 for Vista? do i dl the Intel INF? UPDATE: i just got another hang this time resource monitor says FireFox hangs everything else seems fine but i noticed something, u see the image, the arrow... when it hangs there is nothing in the Disk section of resource monitor ... everything else seems to be like inactive ... i expected a spike but all graphs see to be flat and low. after the hang everything then spikes
  22. but compatibility mode means its not "fully" compatible? and it did install fine for me but it says "network defence" or firewall is not working in the status
  23. i am about to uninstall Avast Anti Virus to test if it fixes the occasional hanging bug i have so what do i use now? the windows 7 firewall good enuf? avg anti virus good?
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