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  1. hmmm You wouldn't happen to be RLoew would you? I have a strange feeling you are RLoew with just another nick... How else you could be... pretty much same? Anyways, Do you have solution on how to make new graphic cards work on W98?
  2. HDCP was probably made by Intel to make the RIAA & MPAA industry feel secure for a while ONLY FIRST THIS http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1733007/potential-hdcp-key NEXT THIS http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1733749/intel-confirms-hdcp-cracked hehe edit: I say they did it on purpose (got pressurized by bigger MAFIAAs)
  3. Can't deny the future but the most popular OS is still XP. As long as XP drivers are available out there, its safe to assume "its do-able". Redmond dudes can have their party "in their own house" till they actually come up with something that wins user's trust (which is very unlikely as one can never know the truth behind the curtain), maybe US accredited scientists and those at military get coolest OSes made by Bill Gates personally and we're thrown OSes like dogs that have remote control for authorities and #$%^$%^ virus makers. These worm makers made Redmond shamed of it's XP BTW. Imagine a future where accredited degree holders get FINE OS and rest all people get treated like unTrustable future criminals ment to be caught "quickly" by authorities. Eventually I wouldn't be surprised if they started to control birth rate by suddenly throwing a H1N1 type virus on UN-qualified people or a TERMINATOR (inevitable lol yet the funny thing is they still try to calm people by showing movies in advance).
  4. Firstly, as has been stated before (by Xeno86, I think), drivers are an entirely different "kettle of fish" that is well outside the scope of KernelEx. Yes, a new project to specifically deal with this issue would be extremely beneficial, however, we need someone with the skills and time necessary for such a project. (((quote part removed because what you said next, is the reason why posted my initial post))) Joe. So far, I see we're on mercy of Xeno86, Rloew and those who still remain active. Somehow, they know internals of the OS and given that they find time to update their projects, they can do it. Somehow, even a tiny thought of "working on something old as this", will probably make them lazy to even start. SO, I'm saying it, Win98+ is pretty much dead now... Edit: In the old days, i remember shrinking W98 to a point where it was almost INSTANT. But these days, all new OS is soooo bloated beyond the point that it feels like we're (cleaning up all their poo), (blocking spyware), (jailBreaking to breathe or breed ), etc after OS installation. Anywaysss, if someone works on this, it will FRY up Steve Ballmers's head hehe (A simple thought of Ballmer looking at XP drivers working on 98 makes me giggle lol). It will probably take away remote control that he'z installed for everyone (deliberate back-door to Pandora's box)
  5. Why? Because... W98 is pretty much dead IF problem mentioned in THIS place don't get any attention (below) edit: on the second thought, if you do come with solution to THAT mentioned problem, i will really consider buying your softwares otherwise... hmmm (you know the answer)
  6. For those devices that need minor tweaking in INF, Is it not better to tweak OS instead of whole millions of INF for (individual new hardwares) (with individual users who may or may not know how to tweak). I agree its a can of worms, but then you guys have already gone so far with the "messing worms" concept, it looks rather small in comparison to this KernelEx like work. If one wants to change the way W98 reads INF files like XP, where should they start? think about it, no more need of messing with INFs and all that remains is *.SYS, *.DLL, etc where KernelEx comes into picture as MAJOR! INF tweak couldn't possibly be the ONLY simple solution i came to this thread specifically because THIS is where reWriting has been happening. You all dudes know how many drivers (devices) exist for XP don't you? edit: At the very moment, I've RadeonHD 5970 and i seriously doubt that simple change of INF text can get my job done hahaha edit2: I know some standard VGA drivers exist but with this kind of hardware, I can't last in standard resolution for much longer (you know what i mean ) If nothing more is done to "this" pain in the "right place" problem, The inevitable demise of W98 is FINAL
  7. Hi The main problem faced by W98 users is that newer hardware is b*u*t*t load of pain (when it comes to drivers) so, By any chance, CAN kernelEx or anything else can allow WinXP drivers to work on 98??? ________________ Edit... I've edited the word that triggered the <!> approval/report warning. Pls refrain from using any inappropriate terms, the forum scripts has them banned. Sincerely, MDGx ________________
  8. Hey rloew shouldn't you be making your app freeware now? W98 is nice but under no circumstances my RadeonHD 5970 is going to boot it right Any idea which was the last HD based GPU that works right on W98 (official or unofficial drivers matters not)
  9. grub4dos+firadisk approach? thanks for the tip, hope this is something what i'm looking for. I'm wondering, with today's SSD drives which has higher read speeds can surely speed this procedure of booting from RAM. At the moment, i hear most about intel SSDs being fastest and reliable of all. EDIT: OK, this is complicating and will require some time to digest. Anyways, I did find some commercial software link following your initial link. very nice http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1507
  10. Does anyone know alternate to SuperVolume (from superspeed.com)??? something that copies os partition on ram @ boot and blasts off OS speed and app launch, defrag etc???? this app from superspeed is fine but little buggy. I hardly shutdown my system so its not annoying for me to wait a little longer during boot so that operations on OS runs super. I already have enough RAM, its just this siperspeed thing that screws up sometime (freezing my system) plus it does not give me option to save changes ONLY when shutting down. The max time it gives is 4 hours before making changes to partition If someone knows similar product, would be a great share of knowledge. Thanks in advance!
  11. [Feature Request] 1. If this project is ever restarted, it would be cool if files can be UPXed to further save size of the Windows installation. I'm aware all cannot upx-ed (due to crash etc) but definitely there are many files 2. Another cool thing would be to integrate FlyAkite modifications on CD files itself Does anyone currently have "Safe-list" for Upx-ing CD content? Does anyone currently know a way to integrate Flyakite without executing main package at first boot or such methods?
  12. Yeah well, you can always extract INF files out of exe (they have some special command line parameter to do that) I think its in read me. I've a different problem here. It seems, my ICH7 AHCI driver is not inside official or modded version But it does exist in the older official release 5.x modded and official 8.x claims to support AHCI... Oddly, VirtualBox always crashed with 8.7 version.
  13. Cool ! Thanks for the Final! I'm so glad some dudes are still working on w98!
  14. downloaded long time back (while i saw first few lines and replied)
  15. For the NT-family OSes that can also be achieved using the free Gavotte's Rramdisk, that you did not mention.And, believe me, it does rock! hmmm? the link you gave me shows some problem of FAT on Gavotte's RamDisk BUT, Thanks! for the information ofcourse Now I have 3 RamDisks that addresses space above 3.25GB RAM 1. RamDisk Plus 2. Romex's RamDisk 3. Gavotte's RamDisk I still prefer RamDiskPlus cauz its a full feature ramDisk (saves RamImage on exit etc) but, I will explore more ramdisks as i can EDIT: Thanks for keeping your signature cool (it did help me install 9x so thanks again )
  16. Agree (with XP) but what about Win7 and Vista??? Its a patch and gets the job done For 64Bit users, its best you remain there and new users should be encouraged for X64 anyways EDIT: I was checking out the CAT DOG fight in this forum.thread and thought since this place has some lagacy and new patch projects, it may give them some idea to automatically make WinSetup address more memory (VLite or 7Lite when it comes) can be cool if it becomes less ugly though
  17. [request] If this ever works out for someone, please post your replies here...
  18. This patch was around here since April but I just got my eye on it NOW! http://zh-deepxw.blogspot.com/2009/04/readyfor4gb.html (Direct Download Link) If I'm understanding this right, the requirements are PAE hardware + Vista/Win7 (XP not supported) For XPx86 systems, there is this workaround so softwares get memory above 3.25GB: Some special RamDisks use PAE to address range beyond the limit (SuperSpeed's RamDisk Plus and Romex's RamDisk does that for NT OSes (XP and Vista) R. Loew's RamDisk64 does that for lagacy OSes (Win98,98SE,ME). Once you install the ramdisk, you can set your PageFile path to that drive (set up Min and Max input according to the size of your RamDisk size). If you further need the pagefile on HDD, you can do it otherwise, its good to never see that kind of file in HDD. After next restart, you can test out any of your memory hogging program and get surprised you can also optimize your system by transferring "TEMP" folder, "Temporary Internet Files" or "Cache" folder of Opera/Mozilla to RamDisk and enjoy the super speed installations and web surfing! This serves the main goal: give softwares more memory
  19. I built a disc but setup did not detect my desktop's hard disk and crashed on my laptop My desktop used 5.x and laptop uses 7.x version of INF files when I removed both and inserted the new version, my desktop system did not detect my hard disk (it means some hardware info does not exist in this new version of 7.x and exists in old 5.x version). In my laptop, setup crashed may have crashed because I had put 5.x + 7.x (some lines maybe common in one of the INF file resulting in using up of 2 drivers) Anyways, is it possible for you to see the difference of 5.x and 7.x and make one of INF set?
  20. If its no longer WHQL, end users get some sort of nagging prompt? something like "this is not WHQL certified" or does Win by default reject such NON-WHQLs?
  21. That guy is a pain in the butt for sure, and somehow he doesn't seem to get he'll get banned every single time he comes back, and that no one wants of his crap. Appointing more mods solely to ban him won't really solve the problem (nothing will completely fix that), and would only help if it was someone who'd happen to be on the forums in the time frame where the rest of us sleep/work. This maybe an off-topic question but, Why is there an Opera icon with "banned" symbol in your... you know, avatar? are they some sort of people you don't trust because? or that browser has something wrong with it which is?
  22. I just got a word from a source that nuhi died!
  23. My question, Have you removed WHQL lines out of the unofficial INFs? or is it WHQL + modded?
  24. now that link is so 2006 and still no GUI for inexperienced but then again... its too late for that i guess. When i talked about INF, I was hoping W98 setup would search for INFs (ICH7) at that detection moment (since right now, after setup reboots, I manually put those in INF folder) Now I'm only interested due to the fact that I recently 'successfully' installed w98 (add to that, after 4 years of constant failures). My system currently has XPx86 (with fully 8GB RAM usable) + Win7 RC + OSX 10.5.7 + W98 2222 (which looks cool after all these years)

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