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  1. THX alot for AeroGlass, I have installed it under Win8.1 and it really looks like Win8RP. But under Win10 it looks different, especially the inactive windows. Is there a cool theme?
  2. RC2 runs well, but I wanna have glass on battery mode, it doesn't work
  3. I like Vista and made a german update-package for vista, which includes only all updates from Windows Update (305MB for now).
  4. How to get the "Color intensity" and "show color mixer"? My Windows 8.x don't have these options.
  5. Hi, I am new to Windows 8.x and AeroGlass for Win8.0 is great! Wanna donate when AeroGlass for Win8.1 is released too (x86), can I use key for 8.0 and 8.1? Or is it only for each system.
  6. The tool cannot do what I want. I wanna include alle Updates into the Rollup (replacing and adding files), so that installing rollup will install all other updates too. slipstreaming ist not possilbe, because hotfixes are modified to show NT 5.0 and not "2000".
  7. Hi I wanna change the Windows NT 5.0 RollUp Update 1 from Microsoft to add some files, for example oleaut32.dll, but adding any lines to update.inf causes update.exe to fail. What can I do? My plan is, to integrate all Post Rollup Update into the rollup. For updates, which replaces only file, which are in the rollup, it works fine, but adding new is a desaster.
  8. Cool, wanna try it in the next days. Integrated IE8, nice
  9. It that possible or are problems to remove components from a Vista with SP2?
  10. I used the version from this thread, but it says, that it cannot find updates...
  11. Hello, I'm using Windows NT 5.0 EUR Edition and wanna use WMP10+ and MSN Messenger 8.1, but both programs doesn't start, I have installed the KDW with all files and EZ Registry, but the MSNMSGS.MSI from "Install_MSN_ Messenger.exe" doesn't work, it installs it, but shorty for ending setup, it starts rollback and says that it cannot be installed.
  12. Is it possible to enable webview in Windows XP like in Windows NT or Windows 9x/ME? Because windows XP "webview" is not really usable and not visible in explorer with tree view on left side.
  13. What is to do on german windows nt 4.0 (explorer 4.0.1381.282)?
  14. Thanks, now I can remove it.
  15. It is now safe to remove tablet-pc support AND use OFfice 2007?

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