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  1. Catalyst® 7.4 Display Driver for Windows Vista

    Screen is still flickering momentarily on a ThinkPad T60 (Radeon X1400) with these updated drivers...
  2. Nokia PC Suite on vista 32 ultimate

    Mine said it couldn't register some dll file, but is works without any problems whatsoever after the installation process.
  3. Wireless Network Connection

    No Tal, Sorry... My network will supply the Key automatically, I don't need to set it myself (that's the whole problem) And selecting one of the "Enterprise" security types doesn't help? Thinking "WPA-Enterprise" or "WPA2-Enterprise" ...
  4. what's your computer's performance?

    ProcessorIntel® Core™2 CPU T5600 @ 1.83GHz 4,8 Hukommelse (RAM)2,00 GB 4,5 Grafik ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 4,6 Spilgrafik 891 MB samlet tilgængelig grafikhukommelse 4,0 Primær harddisk 30GB ledig (69GB samlet) 4,9 Windows Vista ™ Business 4,0 Fastsat efter laveste underscore ThinkPad T60...
  5. Elevated privledges from CMD prompt

    Oops sorry - I lied. That's not true what I just wrote
  6. Elevated privledges from CMD prompt

    WinKey + R and then CMD [enter] will create a prompt with admin rights. Anything you start in the "Run..." dialog is created with admin rights.
  7. I think you forget those files that are "shadow copied" - in other words look at the "Previous Versions" tab on folder properties......
  8. Hi..

    Hey.. What's this board? IPB?
  9. Vista on mac

    Has anyone tried to install Vista on a Mac Mini or has any other experiences with having a Mac Mini with Windows XP or Vista as a media center? Will the tuner work properly - can it be remote controlled with the Apple Remote or another remote? And so on... :-)
  10. Problems with internet connection on Vista

    Are you running p2p apps ?
  11. Anyone get their free Vista Business yet?

    Is the website still working for you, I can't connect to it..?