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  1. Aero Glass for Win8.1 RTM RC3

    Yes I was wondering about this too. I swap 3 different HD's on my rig as I do different software testing scenarios and I would like to know if it will keep my license valid or do I need to buy 3 different ones?
  2. Aero Glass for Win8.1 RTM RC3

    @bigmuscle, I am sooooo happy to see your Current roadmap has plans to build a 32 bit, can't hardly wait for it. @Noel, I really like your rounded corners, I'd even round a little more. (I don't care for the squared corners of stock Win8 at all) imho
  3. Aero Glass for Win8 1.3

    Hi bigmuscle, Will the 8.1 version work on 32 bit please? I see you only an alpha 64 bit to try. Has anyone tried it on a 32 bit. Will it work at all in any way? Do you need a tester to try it on 32 bit v8.1? Just an estimate if you would please, when do you guesstimate that you will have it ready for Windows 8.1 Thank you PS, Nice Job btw, it looks nice, and I can't wait !
  4. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Thanks DarkRay
  5. Also, fwiw, I've seen a few links to bring you to the Seagate page to download the firmware, like the link in the post a few above mine, but there's a much better link to go and I wish I went to it First to checknot only their #2 check link there for the Model number, but then more importantly the next #3 check link for the Serial number, and for me my model number said Yes but the Serial number said No it was not affected, and that could of saved me the predicament I'm in. So as mentioned go This Link to verify #2 and especially #3 before you make a decision to firmware update.
  6. Hey guys I've got a ST3750330AS drive and it flashed okay with yesterdays latest firmware, and all seemed to work okay, then the next day all the sudden I heard the drives head engage and disengage clicking back and forth a number of times as it disrupted everything I had running, and then stopped. It hasn't done this again yet and it's been quite a few more hours, but this head engage/disengage never ever did this before the firmware upgrade and I've had it for a year now. This is very disconcerting and I don't feel safe with this new firmware. Everest shows all things in its SMART tab Okay though. You know, I wish there had been an option on the firmware flash program to save the Original SD15 Firmware that was on there from the beginning, so that I could at least have the Option now to re-flash it back to what it was. Anyone know where I can get the good version of the SD15 firmware I had?
  7. edited later, Nevermind please, message contents deleted
  8. Flash Video Player and win98

    ps and btw, my replies were only to talk about how to play flv files when they are saved 'locally' and play them offline - not online - I thought you knew I was talking about that. The latest adobe 'browser' flash player will play all your youtube flash video's just fine, it's just it won't let you play them off-line if you cop'd the flv from your TIF or other fetch techniques to get them locally. The separate adobe windows flash player will not play the latest flv files, and so is why the subject of how to play flv files arises
  9. Flash Video Player and win98

    Right, and personally I wouldn't want to associate VLC to any file type and I'd rather drop the file into it since it can be used for so many audio/video file types ..I use the VLC self-run Non-Install version as a 'tester' more than anything else since it's a great tester of audio/video file types and most time plays incomplete videos where others will not. If you want to use VLC easier for yor flv files then just create a shortcut to it's vlc.exe and place that shortcut into your folder of C:\WINDOWS\SendTo ..this way you can right click on any file and have the option to 'SendTo' the flv player which makes it quick and convieient to play. I don't recomend going into Windows file types options and associating it since I think going forward the sendto leaves you with more flexable non-comital options for other dedicated players. MPC is Media Player Classic - it too is a non-install player that extra you can associate filetypes with it, but Don't! (unless you're hip to the subject and want to) It has a very small footprint comparatively (filesize) and therefore appreciated; it's different than VLC. You see every players has its unique benifits. MPC is also a great player for many other filetypes sometimes not able by others like mpeg1 etc where you don't want to install seperate codecs - it's great to also put this into your SendTo folder. Again though MPC is suppose to in it's next release pick up the playing of newer .flv files (however if you install the ffdshow codec then MPC will work with .flv - however my preference will wait until MPC picks up the flv extension on its own merit) Here's is one of many LINKs to read some or get it. I don't mean to be quick vague answers but honestly this whole subject can be endless!!! and it has different priorities for each persons mindset and so therefore each person has their own ideas.. I like my own though <g>
  10. Flash Video Player and win98

    That player won't work for W98 and I don't think the author will ever update it either. I'd suggest the self run VLC player will play most flv's or better yet, also in the works is that MPC is said that their next version will play flv's too
  11. Start> Windows98> add text to that logo

    awesome, thanks jaclaz for the info that was very easy to do I wanted to keep mine original blue as well have Second Edition just the right size and not too big Here's a low quality gif screenshot taken of what my start menu Windows98 logo looks like now. thanks again
  12. Any more ideas? Yes, I'm sorry because I just read your first thread more better this morning, and realized that your first post is talking about KB884016-v2-x86.exe right amd so checking what that file is I want to ask you if you know you are posting in a Windows 95/98/98SE/ME group right? That file you are tying to install, afaict, is only for 2K/XP etc http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...en#Requirements The lastest windows installer for Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, as far as i'm aware of today anyway, is the one (v2.0) I linked you too already.
  13. I would like to be able to change the text where it says Windows98 off of the Start Menu, and I want to leave the ending of it the same color dark blue that it is now on mine (not black like the screenshot) and I want to add Second Editon to it with my own font if possible. Could you point me to the thread or to any informatin that talks about how to do this please. thanx very much