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  1. Access MSN Messenger through website...

    Hi, here is the website : Meebo Bye.
  2. Hi, so I started to edit shell32 and explorer to add Vista look a like icons because I was tired of Windows XP default theme and icon, and somehow, I changed the administrative icon to a folder icon (pic1). I looked at the shell32 dll at my school (pic2) and as you can see I need to know where the icon in red is ? I looked in the shell32 dll and did not found it so I'm not sure on how it got changed Thank you Marc Pic1: Pic2:
  3. how did this person do this

    Hi, I'm not sure, but I think that it is a SFX archive that he modified (maybe with Ressource Hacker) to add that pic and "custom" message on the button.
  4. who wants gmail?

    Here are (finally ) 3x of my 50 (available) gmail invitations: If a link does not work , try another one because they are not all took http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...5604-b452a53de5 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...f80c-0f6f37c9a6 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...e70c-a496c32e9c http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...487d-ca1af2dfce http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...8453-cd90eb2370 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...a74c-84f1916b38 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...dc7b-fb1dc303c0 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...f211-a9852d7ec6 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...dc7b-fb1dc303c0 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...f211-a9852d7ec6 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...9292-7bc40b519c http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...c6e9-007858da2a http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...1a9f-c554fc091d http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...989b-75152f0e60 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...2535-6786100e97 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...9b58-df9ee82e5f http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...c934-c825a7a3cd http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...097c-9a4bb5268a http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...419f-2f4d3b92a5 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...345d-f72920c661 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...58f5-ad8c4977fe http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...f64b-a8a3e521d7 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...27e4-ed2a260d3f http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...62a8-9fec998155 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...6336-4d4a444a88 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...e0be-831c2d3f8f http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...0e40-7025e90607 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...b6d5-ff52d3150e http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...0c47-eaa044ac06 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...11fc-8787a7516f http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...38ce-91e107c1fd http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...a69a-a54a135c88 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...f2b5-ed414654b1 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...d1ca-41a0460cc8 http://gmail.google.com/gmail/a-a7c933078d...613a-9c0aba6519 If anyone wants one, just click on one of my links Thanks, Black~Cobra
  5. who wants gmail?

    So, I need to send to myself the 50 invitations ??? Is that right ?? Thanks, black~cobra
  6. who wants gmail?

    How do you get the direct url to the invitation ??? I just got bumped to 50 (from 10) invitations ! So I can give 50 gmail adress. How could I get the url to them ? And post them here... Thanks, Black~Cobra
  7. Moving the documents and settings folder ?

    Thanks ! i didnt know for the drag & drop method
  8. Moving the documents and settings folder ?

    Thanks for the tip !
  9. Moving the documents and settings folder ?

    Thanks Datalore
  10. Hi, anyone know a working way of moving the documents and settings folder off the C:\Documents and settings folder to "D:\Doc & Set" , for exemple ? Btw, after the os as been installed, not during the installation of windows with a answer file. I made a search on google, here and on other forums but no working method were found. So , if anyone know a way to move this folder i would appreciate it Black~Cobra
  11. which team's gonna go to cup finals

    Same thing here GO habs go !!!
  12. Post your localhost

    ----edit---- Ok, got it to work, ignore this post ----edit---- Can you tell me which "apache projet" i need to download to get the localhost page on my computer ?? Just to be sure, is it the apache http server ?? Thanks, Black~Cobra
  13. Small Xp Installation

    Salut, je suis québecois français ! je viens de montréal -------------------------------------- Hi, i'm a french quebecois/canadian Im from montreal
  14. Thanks again Have a good night Black~Cobra
  15. Last question , I promise , how would i add the "start /wait" command to the code you gave me earlier ? I need that command line because all the application are trying to install at the same time ! And not like one at a time like I thought it should be ? Thanks again Black~Cobra