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  1. No, but thanks --I did see that in my search, though. As for the answer to my question, I finally found it here. Thanks, tk
  2. Hello, I just stumbled on how to change the logon screen by editing the logonui.exe. I'm trying out Restorator 2004 to do this. I can change the background, but I haven't seen anywhere how to change the location of the different pieces of the logon screen (e.g. user icons, login names, password fields, etc.) I've been searching this forum and other places, but have not found how to move all of these things. I'm not very familiar with XML, but I do know a fair amount of HTML, and have done some VB coding (I know VB is not used here, but I'm giving you my background). Is there anyone that could point me to where you set the locations for the login screen items (where you set where they will be displayed)? Thanks, tk
  3. How does Geoshell compare to these? I saw it mentioned elsewhere here... Thanks for the info so far! tk
  4. @likuidkewl - Thanks for the info! So you use Nu2menu, but just to clarify, are you saying the taskbar, clock, etc is mostly useless, or Nu2menu itself is? Thanks again! @FastScan - I'll take a look... thanks! Anyone else have any input here? Thanks, tk
  5. @twindude Thanks, but I have already looked at that forum too, and haven't found the answer. Anyone else have an answer?
  6. Hello forum. Newbie here, pretty new to WinPE, etc. and my first post. I've been lurking here and learning so far, but there's one thing (AT LEAST) I'm still missing. I have successfully built a generic WinPE CD, and also put generic WinPE on a hard drive. Here's my question: I've seen shells mentioned like XPE, NU2MENU, Explorer, etc. But, I've not been able to find anything here that talks about the differences between them, the pluses and minus', pros and cons, etc. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks and thanks for all the help you never knew you have already given me!! tk

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