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  1. so that's mean there's no way to bypass the page if i'm using mode of prompt repair?? mean that if i choose prompt repair, my cd will not fully unattended?? too bad...i luv the repair function in windows cd..it help me a lot when infected by virus..
  2. i've try several xp cd to be unattended..all cd have a problem with 1 page that fail to bypass or be unattended which is "license agreement".. When installing xp, there is one page appear which is "license agreement" page.. the page is something like "do you accept the terms of license agreement for windows xp" and i need to press "agree".. any idea how to bypass this page? last session has been attached.. thanx in advance.. Last_Session.ini
  3. thanx 4 ur reply guyz..i have tested the cd on real and suprisingly the theme works as default..however i got another problem..when i tested the cd on real,i noticed that it's not fully unattended..while installing windows,there is license and agreement that require me to click 'yes' on it..another one at the end of the process (i don't really remember), but it's some question that ask for some setting for the new window..these problem don't appear when i tested with vmware..any idea?
  4. 1. i want to make my new theme as default..that's mean after i format my pc, the first theme that will appear is my theme not the windows default..i have integrated my theme..it will appear if you right click=>properties=>select theme and choose my theme..but i want to make it as default after i format my pc..i have set nlite to use my theme as default and enable patch on uxtheme but still can't..help me plzz.. 2. when i tested my iso with vmware, the 'easy install' appear and ask me to put my cd-key..i've using unattended using nlite and provide my cd-key on nlite..so i leave blank for cd-key on vmware easy install..when i tested my iso to format using vmware, it ask me for cd-key although i've provided it when using nlite..so, this happen because of my failure on nlite or because i'm using vmware??when in real, is the cd will still ask for cd-key?? Last_Session.ini
  5. u mean if i create a new cd using nlite again, the last session.ini will be overwrite?? that's mean, if i take the source folder that used by nlite and make it .iso, the .iso file will be the same as .iso that create by nlite?? what is the difference if: 1. using my last source folder that used by nlite and using the last session.ini 2. using a new source folder and using the last session.ini is there any different??which one is better??
  6. sory, i'm new in nlite..so never thought that the last session_u.ini contains information about cd-key..i've removed it..but seems like it's worthless coz 'mitsukai' have published it.. anyway, that's mean that i need to remove hot fixes for IE7 and Media Player 11 or include IE7 and media player 11 installer in the cd right?? another question, if i want to start the process again, can i use the same source (xp cd that i copied to my hd)?? is there any change made to the source??when i browse and insert hotfix,drivers and others, is nlite copy the file to my source, or nlite just take note where i put the things and combining it at the end of the process?? can i use the 'last session' setting but from another source (another xp cd)??..coz, i juz want to make some adjustment on hotfix,drivers and cd key only
  7. 5. "VMware is not aware of your ultimate hardware and uses virtual ones for the configured VM" - so you have any better suggestion than using vmware to test my driver?? Please look at my attached - 'last session.ini' - that's all i can get from preset folder under nlite.. i don't know which one to upload..so i give all Last_Session__2008.12.18_11.29.00_.ini Last_Session.ini
  8. 1. "Please attach (not paste) your Last Session.ini" - i can't find where's my last session.ini...i try to search vmware folder also but can't find it 2. "Right Click My Computer and select Properties, your system attributes will be shown there"- yes, it showed the xp,service pack and version but can't find x86 or x64 3."Concerning your number 2 question: please show where you see this (numbering driver)" - http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/34/ & http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/35/ 4. "Make sure you have not run nLite more than once against the same source, always use a fresh copy of your CD files/folders and do all your work in one nLite session" - please explain more about this 5. "VMware does not use you drivers, but a virtual system is the best way to test your ISO before you go to real hardware" - isn't vmware is categorized under virtual system? why nlite suggested using vmware to test cd?
  9. this is my first time using nlite and also vmware..i have few questions: 1. i created unattended with driver included using nlite...when i tested it with vmware, this problem appear it will copy all the installation at first (as usual),after that it restart..then the (first pic) appear and keep repeating more than 10 time until i shut down it..sometimes 2nd and 3rd pic appeared..and followed by restart 2. i read at MSFN that tell to numbered the driver file to make sure which one will be installed first..but i don't see any instructions like that on nlite guide page..i'm quiet confused coz MSFN tuto not using latest version of nlite while nlite guide page using latest version of nlite as me..is the latest version still need to numbered the driver file?? 3. vmware use the word 'guest'..what is it actually refer to?? 4. how do i know my xp x64 or x86..is it depend on my pc hardware or windows xp cd??

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