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    I just replaced the ,"" to my line and it worked. This problem would not happen if you had a mouse plugged in. I was only installing with a keyboard, so Windows then used the "none" key which didnt work.
  2. PsuFan


    Why was TXTSETUP.sif "Customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com"? ; Customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com I have two computers now that say theres a corrupt sif file in the [MOUSE] section. Orginal line: none = "No Mouse or Other Pointing Device",files.none,"" new line: none = "No Mouse or Other Pointing Device",files.none
  3. PsuFan

    Time Zone

    Which is included in service pack 3?
  4. PsuFan

    Time Zone

    Anyone have problems with getting the correct time zone? I put eastern time -5:00 and get Kabul +4:30...
  5. Is there a way to install this so you dont have it in the update manager? I have made a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise disk and Windows XP Pro disk and the only update is that one **** update. Can I get it installed? Thanks
  6. Yeah Im trying to skip this step too, What is Skip OOBE? Will that skip those questions?

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