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  1. I suppose your son is connecting to your PC to access the internt? Your PC is setup to be the gateway machine? Yes, my son is using my pc to access. To enable the connection status of your network adapters go to your network adapters control panel and select a network adapter and go to "properties" and make sure "Display Connection Status at all times" is checked, it may state differently. I have no idea how to get to my "NETWORK ADAPTERS CONTROL PANEL" Thanks epic moon
  2. The timeframe would be a couple of hours. We got it running and my son was able to surf for about 3 hours......and then after we went somewhere and came back. He couldn't get back online from the other computer. The second "connection" icon doesn't show up at all anymore. I've run the wizard 6 or 7 times to try to set it up all over again....but, although it asks me to reboot, none of it is there. I am at a total loss as to what is wrong or what to do. Thanks for your help. moondog
  3. I went through the Internet Sharing Wizard on both computers step by step and it worked for a while......but now it doesn't. I'm not really sure what other information you need from me about equipment etc....so if you could please be specific.....I have NO experience at this so maybe that will explain to you how specific to be.

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