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  1. @Up You don't need Japanese language to install MSO'10. You'll just get an error during install and clicking OK will get you through. To be safe uncheck multilanguage supprt (universal font) during the office setup. I've never had problem with it. Also the WinMail is NOT needed. Oh, to be perfectly clear I'm talking about removal in RTLite! Haven't tried in vLite 'cause I've abandoned this app for RT
  2. maybe.. i'm using 7201 but i got around it in cmd-line write: powercfg /q >> c:\options.txt you'll get a txt file with a list of settings you can change by writing: POWERCFG -SetAcValueIndex <GUID> <GUID> <GUID> 5 for more options how to use powercfg: powercfg /h >> c:\help.txt also one can set some basic options: -CHANGE, -X Modifies a setting value in the current power scheme. Usage: POWERCFG -X <SETTING> <VALUE> <SETTING> Specifies one of the following options: -monitor-timeout-ac <minutes> -monitor-timeout-dc <minutes> -disk-timeout-ac <minutes> -disk-timeout-dc <minutes> -standby-timeout-ac <minutes> -standby-timeout-dc <minutes> -hibernate-timeout-ac <minutes> -hibernate-timeout-dc <minutes> Example: POWERCFG -Change -monitor-timeout-ac 5 This would set the monitor idle timeout value to 5 minutes when on AC power. cheers!
  3. nope, i only did 'Components'.. i removed only few options from the 'SAFE TO DELETE' section at first page of this topic. i just want to disable going to sleep after idle and set the time to turn off monitor..
  4. anybody got a solution how to set up power options? i also have an empty page and it's annoying when the pc turns it self off after a while.. how to set it up? registry? 3rd party prog?
  5. pls be so kind and write the build number you're using when saying about compatibility issues Comodo Firewall installs well on 7068 but it doesn't work.. what about 7077 (latest build) ??
  6. without INI we cannot assume anything, so pls be so kind and attach full one create one if your current is not complete..
  7. nice guide quick question: why did you mark 'Shell Event Sounds' as UNSAFE ?? ok, maybe some more.. 'Printers' - if you remove HP Printers you won't be able to use one 'cause some hpprinters don't have downloadable drivers for vista.. 'Storage Controlers' - not safe for virtuals (vmware) and some notebooks 'Windows Photo Gallery' and 'Windows Photo Viewer' - both pretty safe to remove 'Remote Desktop and Assistance' and 'Remote Desktop Client' - as i remember if you remove those you won't have the 'Terminal' service any more, and some programs need this for installation.. 'Windows Firewall' - safe to remove (happy comodo user B) ) 'Internet Connection Sharing' - safe.. 'UAC' - you won't be able to install some drivers for some touchpads (Synaptics if i'm not mistaken..) and again: very impressive guide, so KUDOS!
  8. i had the same thing when i was creating with vlite vista x64 on w7.. but in my case this popup appeared during hotfix integration, every hotfix trigered this annoying message :/ of course nothing wrong happend and i'm running vlited vista now without any problems weird though..
  9. you can always tweak vlited vista (i assumed everybody do it ) if you worry about compatibility issues just stay away from System and Services components
  10. darkon11, i had the same problem.. the solution for me was that i always selected in vlite Premium edition, but the DVD from MS contains only ULTRA edition.. so i just selected the ULTRA one in vlite and in the end i checked 'Save changes only' and it worked like a charm ps. i've used Kazuni's ini too
  11. if you get the 'loop effect' after removing winsxs, then you'll have to delete pending.xml from winsxs folder, after you've enlited the installation files download THIS, extract it, open gimagex.exe, mount the WIM file with 'Read/Write'. Go to the mount point and in Windows catalog open the winsxs catalog and delete pending.xml after this check the 'Commit changes' in gimagex and unmount the WIM file. now you can build the BootableCD in vLite
  12. Same problem here.. even my WORKING (legit) serial doesn't help If I slipstream the SP3 on XP it will work?
  13. Beside this only Search and Firewall could be the difference.. 'cause other than that our scripts are similar Try running mine with your drivers and post how big is your iso..
  14. Here you have 708mb ISO It's from HomePremium Compare to yours Edit: Your image is bigger because of those drivers you've integrated: [Drivers] E:\Utilities\drivers\video\nv4_disp.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\Realtek Driver_5687_XP_0228_NETWORK\Netrtlx.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\Dell_C400_Drivers\modem\Mdmchipv.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\Dell_C400_Drivers\video\win2000\ialmnt5.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\Dell_C400_Drivers\lan\INF\Oemsetup.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\Dell_C400_Drivers\audio\cwawdm.inf E:\Utilities\drivers\audio\WDM_A404\WDM\Alcxau.inf Check the size of this folder 708mb.ini
  15. i've tried EVERYTHING i could think of.. it's not working i'm running Vista x64 SP1 vLited and trying to make a new Vista x86 SP1.. cmd.exe, shortcut, totalcmd command line.. NOTHING if someone could upload the rc1 version i would be VERY GRATEFULL ^_^ EDIT: i've got it fixed!! that was freakn' weird! i've just renamed the folder where i normaly have vlite, redownloaded it and extracted there.. it works now.. :blink:
  16. '-extreme' switch not working here too :[ can someone post previous version? RC1 was working great...
  17. I must agree that server'08 is faster than vista, but i was forced to use vista x64 anyway.. Why you can ask.. the ONLY reason was that I couldn't find any firewall that would be GOOD and work on server'08 And yes, you CAN remove components without loosing the components add/remove feature aviv00's thread
  18. @ PARTYBOY-XP Try reading from the beginning of this thread.. there's a solution for your question (keeping add feature) @ aviv00 i know what removal of winsxs mean :PPP but office is NOT an update! neither is adobe reader.. both of them spill an error about some string that says "...procesor architecture is x86.." so it's freakn' weird :/ i'll make new installation tomorrow ;]
  19. yeah i know ^_^ i didn't do it twice or more... so NOW i remember stupid office ;/ threre's no way to remove winsxs and install dmn thing ;/ more updates during the weekend ;]
  20. i didn't use vlite at all ;] anyway.. i droped the waik for removing stuff.. now i just add aero by pckmgr and i'm trying to remove as many things i can by vlite now i'm getting errors with office after removing the winsxs component.. so if it continous i'll get back to waik removal process :|
  21. i did it 3 times.. mounted wim, executed bat, unmounted (commited changes) nothing changed :/ still getting 1168 error edit: i gave up ;( using waik only to enable aero and trying to remove winsxs.. after install, during the first boot it installs some updates over and over again, rebootin all the time, and it keep on doing this infinitly.. what's wrong now?? ;///
  22. i'm stuck ;( 2008-03-02 15:53:20, Info CBS Restored system sleep block state: 0x80000000 2008-03-02 15:53:20, Info CBS Session: 1704:665078 finalized. Reboot required: no 2008-03-02 15:53:20, Info CBS Pkgmgr: return code: 0x490 2008-03-02 15:53:24, Info CBS Pkgmgr: return code: 0x490 and it means: ERROR_NOT_FOUND 1168 0x490 so what gives??
  23. fax service is that important? ;/ edit: alright then THANX A LOT!! edit2: fight'n with errors d-_-b can't jump over error 1168 removing component which was last in log file..
  24. you're saying that those packages gives only 300mb of hdd space?? ;/ i'll be VERY grateful if you can post which packages did you remove, and everything works fine, so i could find more
  25. people like me use s2008 instead of vista, because it's easier to add some features than remove almost all from vista the same thing goes with xp vs 2003, but i must admit that xp x64 is great too ^_^ waik is a nice way to make an unattended installation but it needs some work to be able to remove every feature.. aviv00 helped me out here with his little guide in 'Win server 2008' thread now just to get more info on every feature and the way is clear to enlite it the old school way (without vlite) sign me up under a petition to nuhi for sLite (vLite for servers) ^_^

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