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  1. Try to install latest drivers for nForce chipset. Download'em from nVidia web-site.
  2. My friend reported problems with SiS 551x IDE UDMA Controller driver: 100% CPU utilization when burning CDs and CD-RW drive's buffer about 0%. Coz of SISIDE.INF is simply IDE-driver w/o additional functionality, I've removed it from MassStor DP.
  3. Another f***ing problems with SiI 3112r I've just found out... I'm mad about it!!! 1. If I add CC_0104 for both 3112r & 3114r, on Epox RDA3+ WinXP freezes on first boot (setup runs normally). That's coz of WinXP chooses incorrect driver, I guess it try use 3114r instead of 3112r. 2. If CC_0104 added only for 3112r (3112 and both 3114 & 3114r w/o CC's), on ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe I have the same effect. Conclusion: it's impossible to make an unattedned CD with 3112, 3112r, 3114, 3114r included together. :( I'M MAD ABOUT SiI!!!! I'm f***ing hate this firm!!!
  4. Maybe it's simply the damage of your CD?
  5. rcordorica DAMNED!!! You've got the same problems with these drivers on another system!!! IDE 2.6 included in 5.10 drivers pack IS SUXXXX!!!!
  6. f***ing s*** DAMNED GOD f*** YEAH!!! f***. I've just bought additional Jetway N2PAP 400 Ultra coz of this f***ing nVIDIA 5.10 package drivers. Well, this mobo with LG combo (and Sony combo) drive and 5.10 unified nVIDIA drivers caused WinXP booting about 20 minutes. That's coz of IDE driver 2.6, included in 5.10 package. When I've used pervious version 4.27 of package with 2.5 IDE driver, all's gone OK!!!! s*** s*** s***!!!! 5.10 is suxx!!! with nForce 2 IDE on Jetway N2PAP 400 Ultra. 4.27 rules!!!
  7. Just wait for new version of MassStor DriverPack!
  8. Bâshrat the Sneaky Delete please IAA from DriverPack MassStorage! It works in PIO-mode. It works right only if installed by setup.exe.
  9. Yeah. I can't understand too. How do u choose 2 controllers at once?
  10. Bâshrat the Sneaky Please remove all CC_0106 from SiI controllers (this idea is unconfirmed yet) and add CC_0104 for all "r" SiI controllers (3114r, 3124r & so on)! P.S. Works without CC_0106 on my Epox RDA3+ with SiI 3112r - TESTED. Works OK. CC_0106 is unneeded.
  11. VIA miniport suxx - all IDE devices are showed as SCSI, no (U)DMA control... Sux.
  12. Your MoBo uses VIA® VT8237 Serial ATA/RAID or (optional) Promise 20378 Controller. Both are supported by DriverPack MassStorage. For VIA these files: viamraid.cat viamraid.inf viamraid.sy_ For Promise - look into "promise\fasttx2k" folder. VIA VT8237/VT6421/VT6410 use the same driver (now it's 3.10E).
  13. Problem with SiI 3112/3112r solved; what did u mean?
  14. RyanVM, Bâshrat the Sneaky Thank YA, party people, for your NICE WORK!!! So many ideas & so on. Unity instead of fight, c'mon 'n' reunite!!! © SCOOTER
  15. The same result with CC_0106 added for 3112 w/o RAID: first, WinXP Setup chooses 3112 instead of 3112r, but after 1st reboot, chooses "right" driver I guess, coz of Setup continues normally. So, we can add CC_0104 for "r"-controllers only, and it must work well!!! And I can finally say YEAH!
  16. Well, I've added CC_0104 for 3112r, and nothing for 3112. In textmode-stage, WinXP Setup chooses 3112, but at GUI-stage no BSOD, Setup continues correctly. I guess, on GUI-stage Setup chooses 3112r driver. Now I'll try to add cc_0106 for 3112.
  17. shaz There are 2 unnecessary folders in your via folder: miniport & ideraid. I've found out, only pide & viamraid are needed. Just look into inf-flies. Download my sis & via pack (previous page) & take a look. Bâshrat the Sneaky Hope, today I'll check out SiI 3112/3112r problem.
  18. Don't forget, CC_0106 is only _SUPPOSITION_ now. We need someone with SiI 3112 to check out this. Bâshrat the Sneaky via & sis will be updated, yeah?
  19. Also I've found out, viaraid is not needed - the same HWID is included into viamraid. Another thing - please include new sis v.2.00 & via v.3.10 raid drivers! you can grab'em here: (rename jpg to rar & unpack). All other subfolders in sis & via folders isn't needed.
  20. I'll try to add CC_0104 strings for 3112r tomorrow.
  21. **** yeah... But anyway - I wanna find the solution. CC is something like "class of device". For example, all videocards have CC_0300.
  22. Hello party people again!!! I've just found out very strange thing with these 3112 controllers! As ya know, I use Epox RDA3+ for testing. HWID string of integrated 3112r chip is VEN_1095&DEV_3112&SUBSYS_61121095 Such SUBSYS has the only one 3112r controller, but no one 3112 (sorry my english). So, what's the f***ing problem? I can't understand, why WinXP setup choose 3112 instead of 3112r... Again, my guesswork, 3112r has CC_0104 and 3112 has CC_0106. But I have no mobo with 3112. We need ya help, 3112-owners! We need not only your VEN, DEV & SUBSYS codes, but also CC!!! (and maybe REV too). 3112r on Epox RDA3+ has full code VEN_1095&DEV_3112&SUBSYS_61121095&REV_02&CC_0104 If my guess-work is right, we can put right CC's in txtsetup.sif, and it will help WinXP setup choose right driver.

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