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  1. Goddamn, fcuking magic! Can u try with official F19 BIOS & its own NVRAID BIOS version?
  2. Inf files in this pack looks ok... These should work. Sapphire, we're waiting 4 your testing results!
  3. Thank u 4 your work @ http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/1-vt70968.html, man! Well, if not in forum, I'm in ICQ when @ work (my local time is GMT + 6), u're welcome— and other great brains of these forums too Well, hackers will produce some patches for it, I'm sure
  4. I don't know… Let's ask Sapphire! Sapphire, what can u say about RAID HWIDs with different NVRAID BIOS version @ your K8NS? Very interesting PDF, but no "8023" string in it Do u mean, that was a bad idea? U've tried to use СС_0106 for Intel, but then stopped? I don't clearly understand u... Coz of my english, I guess… (and maybe yours too ) As I guess, new NV masstor driver supports directly DEVs, but not modes (CCs). Strange facts: 1. BIOS allows choose RAID-mode for controller, and for no one channel. 2. BIOS takes controller in strange DEV_07F8&CC_0101 state in this case. I guess, DEV_07F4&CC_0106 or DEV_07F8&CC_0104 would be right Thanx! Have u tried it on real PC?
  5. Great forum, great people, great questions. Not necessary, not useful. I u'll try, u'll get BSOD. I tried Not necessary, but useful. As I remember (don't have MCP73 at moment), both folders are needed. I tried— and it was installed correctly. If not integrate, it will be common IDE-mode with common WinXP IDE driver (СС_0101— when WinXP setup, no problem with searching for HDD on textmode stage, no problem with install on graphics stage, and so on). If integrate, it will be native AHCI-mode with NVidia NVSTOR driver— and (may be) improved performance.
  6. On "old" NV chipsets (nForce2—MCP61), one DEV can have different CC's for different modes: DEV_0267&CC_0101— SATA DEV_0267&CC_0104— RAID On "new" NV chipsets (MCP65—…), one DEV can't have different CC's for different modes: DEV_0550&CC_0101— SATA DEV_0554&CC_0106— AHCI DEV_0558&CC_0104— RAID DEV_0560&CC_0101— PATA But there is, at least, one exclusion: see my prev. post (MCP73): DEV_07F8&CC_0104— real RAID DEV_07F8&CC_0101— fake RAID w/ no array(s)— but controller in AHCI mode! (yes, with CC_0101!)
  7. Thanx 4 your questions. U're extremely right. But we live nowadays, not in future. As I wrote, my idea with СС_0106 isn't applicable for different AHCI drivers. In future, if NVidia will release AHCI-2 driver, my concept must be revised, back to DEV's again. U're right. But it's another future problem, not today's. In normal IDE-mode, u have DEV_07??&CC_0101. U can't install NV masstor driver. In normal RAID-mode, u have DEV_07F8&CC_0104. U must install NV masstor driver + NV raid driver. In normal AHCI-mode, u have DEV_07F4&CC_0106. U must install NV masstor driver. But on MCP73, u can turn on RAID-mode in BIOS for controller, but for no one channel. In this case, u have (surprise!) DEV_07F8&CC_0101. U can (surprise!) install NV masstor driver. I've edited inf-file for this case. No doubt. I guess, it's for old controllers, with no AHCI support. And my practice tell me I'm right. I don't understand this question
  8. Oh yeah. U're right. Not missed but cutted down— I use this pack for install drivers onto PCs in Russia ;-) No mistake. PCI\VEN_10DE&CC_0106 really works— and works great. Just let me explain: In fact, we have the one and only driver (any latest, now it's for all AHCI-mode HWID's— so, no need to enumerate all of them with DEV's— just PCI\VEN_10DE&CC_0106— and it's done. Note: it's not applicable, if u wanna use different drivers for different AHCI-chipsets (f.e., for best performance or smth. like it) May be, but we can't check it out— no MoBos on newer chipsets on the market ;-)
  9. FYI: My driver set based on, for AHCI chipsets. K8NS based on nForce3, which doesn't support AHCI-mode.
  10. Oh yeah, only 32-bit. Sorry for didn't make a point. So, u can try to apply my changes to 64-bit driver's inf.
  11. Hi party people. Try this: NV_RAID_AHCI.rar It supports any NVidia AHCI controller and can install NVGTS.SYS for PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_07F8&CC_0101, f.e. ONLY for WinXP 32-bit (x86).
  12. New version of VIA massstor drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/downloads/drivers/..._RAID_V410a.zip
  13. I don't know, is there any MoBo uses non-RAID modification of chip 3112 or 3114? Nobody (in this topic) have seen such MoBo. Well, together we've found the solution: non-RAID SiI drivers GO TO HELL!!! And plz remove SiS 5513/5518, cd-rom freezes sometimes coz of this driver, especially on older MoBo's. I've posted about this problem some time ago, TOO.
  14. I guess, this MoBo use SoundMAX chip, coz of SUBSYS=7580146.
  15. Use cmdlines.txt T-12 stage & devcon.exe tool for updating MS built-in driver to Realtek WDM.
  16. Take a look back on my own post, I should tell ya some more about that. I found out, some other drivers are need to be unpacked for correct install. Example - NVENETBUS (nForce3 integrated LAN working thru nForce3 Bus Extender, nvenetfd.inf). I've tested it on ASUS K7N8X. And I've also put nvenetfd.inf & nvnetbus.inf into \$OEM$\$$\inf\. Only in this case driver installs correctly. DOH!
  17. http://www.viaarena.com/downloads/drivers/...8237v40FVIA.zip Hot new VIA LAN driver. By the way, I found out, VIA folder in DP LAN may be simplified into 2 subfolders: Fast Ethernet & Giga Ethernet (http://www.viaarena.com/downloads/drivers/...6122v22FVNT.zip). All other subfolders are either unuseful or either have the same inf's.
  18. ftp://www.uli.com.tw/driver/Integrated2092.zip This may be helpful for all DP's: sonud, lan & massstor. Full set of ULi/Ali drivers. I guess, it may be used in notebooks. Bâshrat the Sneaky, plz add'em to DP's!
  19. Now, I only hope that it will work - I have no MoBo with 3114r. And I never seen any MoBo with 3112 & 3114 non-raid (SATALink). And also I guess, 3112r driver will work with 3112, 3114r with 3114. But on other hand, there drivers have no interferenced SUBSYS... Well, I don't know. If any member of this forum have such MoBo (with 3112 & 3114 non-raid), plz tell us! And, if now SUBSYS are unhelpful for auto-choosing correct driver by WinXP setup, f***'em all, these SUBSYS!
  20. Hello party people, here's me again! I've just finished my tests on f***ing ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. As ya know, this MoBo has SiI 3112r onboard. I've found out, WinXP unattended will work ONLY if all the other SiI drivers will be removed. I checked this out: - with CC_0104 and without; - with SiI 3112 (non-raid) and without; - with 3114r and without. DON'T WORK. So, finally I removed all SiI drivers except 3112r. Then, I removed all 3112r SUBSYS - they become unhelpful. Now my SiI section is: PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3112&CC_0104 = "si3112r" PCI\VEN_1095&DEV_3512&CC_0104 = "si3112r" PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_436E&CC_0104 = "si3112r" PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4379&CC_0104 = "si3112r" PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_437A&CC_0104 = "si3112r" That's f***ing bad. When I'll get MoBo with 3114r integrated, I'll continue my tests in this field. P.S. Some strange thing: 3112r driver installs incorrectly, if his *.sys & *.cpl files are compressed (into *.sy_ & *.cp_)!!! Conclusion: all files for SiI driver MUST be uncompressed.
  21. Be careful! Look at my post about this MoBo on previous pages.
  22. For this motherboard remove from the driverpack all SiI controllers except 3112r.
  23. I HATE SiI MORE & MORE!!! P.S. By the way, in the latest SI3112R.INF there is no SUBSYS "02B71014". That's another very strange thing about these damned controllers.
  24. if folder & driver files have the same names, windows can't install driver, ... - forget about this post - it was my mistake .
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