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  1. Goddamn, fcuking magic! Can u try with official F19 BIOS & its own NVRAID BIOS version?
  2. Inf files in this pack looks ok... These should work. Sapphire, we're waiting 4 your testing results!
  3. Thank u 4 your work @ http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/1-vt70968.html, man! Well, if not in forum, I'm in ICQ when @ work (my local time is GMT + 6), u're welcome— and other great brains of these forums too Well, hackers will produce some patches for it, I'm sure
  4. I don't know… Let's ask Sapphire! Sapphire, what can u say about RAID HWIDs with different NVRAID BIOS version @ your K8NS? Very interesting PDF, but no "8023" string in it Do u mean, that was a bad idea? U've tried to use СС_0106 for Intel, but then stopped? I don't clearly understand u... Coz of my english, I guess… (and maybe yours too ) As I guess, new NV masstor driver supports directly DEVs, but not modes (CCs). Strange facts: 1. BIOS allows choose RAID-mode for controller, and for no one channel. 2. BIOS takes controller in strange DEV_07F8&CC_0101 state in this case. I guess, DEV_07F4&CC_0106 or DEV_07F8&CC_0104 would be right Thanx! Have u tried it on real PC?
  5. Great forum, great people, great questions. Not necessary, not useful. I u'll try, u'll get BSOD. I tried Not necessary, but useful. As I remember (don't have MCP73 at moment), both folders are needed. I tried— and it was installed correctly. If not integrate, it will be common IDE-mode with common WinXP IDE driver (СС_0101— when WinXP setup, no problem with searching for HDD on textmode stage, no problem with install on graphics stage, and so on). If integrate, it will be native AHCI-mode with NVidia NVSTOR driver— and (may be) improved performance.
  6. On "old" NV chipsets (nForce2—MCP61), one DEV can have different CC's for different modes: DEV_0267&CC_0101— SATA DEV_0267&CC_0104— RAID On "new" NV chipsets (MCP65—…), one DEV can't have different CC's for different modes: DEV_0550&CC_0101— SATA DEV_0554&CC_0106— AHCI DEV_0558&CC_0104— RAID DEV_0560&CC_0101— PATA But there is, at least, one exclusion: see my prev. post (MCP73): DEV_07F8&CC_0104— real RAID DEV_07F8&CC_0101— fake RAID w/ no array(s)— but controller in AHCI mode! (yes, with CC_0101!)
  7. Thanx 4 your questions. U're extremely right. But we live nowadays, not in future. As I wrote, my idea with СС_0106 isn't applicable for different AHCI drivers. In future, if NVidia will release AHCI-2 driver, my concept must be revised, back to DEV's again. U're right. But it's another future problem, not today's. In normal IDE-mode, u have DEV_07??&CC_0101. U can't install NV masstor driver. In normal RAID-mode, u have DEV_07F8&CC_0104. U must install NV masstor driver + NV raid driver. In normal AHCI-mode, u have DEV_07F4&CC_0106. U must install NV masstor driver. But on MCP73, u can turn on RAID-mode in BIOS for controller, but for no one channel. In this case, u have (surprise!) DEV_07F8&CC_0101. U can (surprise!) install NV masstor driver. I've edited inf-file for this case. No doubt. I guess, it's for old controllers, with no AHCI support. And my practice tell me I'm right. I don't understand this question
  8. Oh yeah. U're right. Not missed but cutted down— I use this pack for install drivers onto PCs in Russia ;-) No mistake. PCI\VEN_10DE&CC_0106 really works— and works great. Just let me explain: In fact, we have the one and only driver (any latest, now it's for all AHCI-mode HWID's— so, no need to enumerate all of them with DEV's— just PCI\VEN_10DE&CC_0106— and it's done. Note: it's not applicable, if u wanna use different drivers for different AHCI-chipsets (f.e., for best performance or smth. like it) May be, but we can't check it out— no MoBos on newer chipsets on the market ;-)
  9. FYI: My driver set based on, for AHCI chipsets. K8NS based on nForce3, which doesn't support AHCI-mode.
  10. Oh yeah, only 32-bit. Sorry for didn't make a point. So, u can try to apply my changes to 64-bit driver's inf.
  11. Hi party people. Try this: NV_RAID_AHCI.rar It supports any NVidia AHCI controller and can install NVGTS.SYS for PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_07F8&CC_0101, f.e. ONLY for WinXP 32-bit (x86).
  12. New version of VIA massstor drivers: http://www.viaarena.com/downloads/drivers/..._RAID_V410a.zip
  13. I don't know, is there any MoBo uses non-RAID modification of chip 3112 or 3114? Nobody (in this topic) have seen such MoBo. Well, together we've found the solution: non-RAID SiI drivers GO TO HELL!!! And plz remove SiS 5513/5518, cd-rom freezes sometimes coz of this driver, especially on older MoBo's. I've posted about this problem some time ago, TOO.
  14. I guess, this MoBo use SoundMAX chip, coz of SUBSYS=7580146.
  15. Use cmdlines.txt T-12 stage & devcon.exe tool for updating MS built-in driver to Realtek WDM.

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