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  1. OK, i have found an old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.05 on my hard drive. 1st : if you have an self extracting installer rp505enu.exe, you must extract it somewhere on your hard drive like c:\install\adberdr5 search a file abcpy.ini in this directory. edit and replace with The most important section is [OEM Install] I believe the other sections doesn't differ from the original abcpy.ini More details at this URL http://www.bris.ac.uk/is/services/computer...bcpydoc.ini.txt Good luck !
  2. Jeff answer translated to english : it's easy replace %systemdrive% with %cdrom%. For Office 2003, there is no SP3, only for Office XP
  3. Adobe Support Knowledgebase Document 322064
  4. Many thanks for the easy way. Is fsutil only available in Windows XP Professional or freely downloadable on MS ?
  5. Very interesting to avoid errors and a lot of works by doing it with this script. One typo error to mention but doesn't matter, it's in echo command MTUTIL.EXE should be MDUTIL.EXE ?and one question ? what's the purpose of this section Should we install The .NET Framework version 1.1 on the W2K Server This stuff is a component of the Microsoft Windows® operating system used to build and run Windows-based applications. I would like not to install that stuff because it's huge and i suppose not really needed for a small IIS Server on my LAN.
  6. After extraction of the exe with the command rmusetup.exe /c /t:c:\temp\rmusetup you've got an rmu.msi setup.exe and setup.ini file and MSI Installer v2 for Win9x and Win2K (Instmsia.exe and instmsiw.exe) You should add some settings in your setup.ini(*) or another way is to launch the commands with msiexec /i rmu.msi /qb (*)Maybe looking setup.ini file in an Office 2000 or XP CD may help you
  7. @shotgun Can you reply and make available your modifications to install.ins and branding.cab to disable OE install to others MSFN members. I'm very interested to make this at installation. The same way, i would like to disable NetMeeting installation. The Folder for these applications are created somewhere by registry value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_USER key. When i change the default location of PFiles folder in the registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] "ProgramFilesDir"="C:\\Program Files" to "ProgramFilesDir"="D:\\Program Files" and reboot, folders that don't exist are created in my new Path D:\Program Files and are empty. @AirMaleDFW Great works, i will have a try tomorrow at works.
  8. Another great tool to collect informations about OEM Drivers with branded computers. source : http://www.mail-archive.com/unattended-inf...t/msg01073.html
  9. To obtain informations about the computer via WMI, i have found some informations on the web at the URL http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community...s/wmimatic.mspx and scripts at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/community...mt/default.mpsx witch can help to enumerates devices to build the $oem$ drivers folder. or we can use GetSysInfo - console application providing system information http://www.mitec.cz/
  10. It's just what i'm looking for because many tutorials and tools already exists but they are for Windows XP. As for my compagny, i install Windows 2000 Professional, for the moment my installations are half-automatised and not full unattended. The W2K installation process is done by loading a base ghost image with the i386 and $oem$ folders already built and the winnt.exe /s:c:\i386 /u:c:\unattended.txt command is launched at first boot in autoexec.bat All the others tasks are launched after installation by [guirunonce] or with keyboard input after reboot Your program should be "open" and let the admin choose what to install. For example, i install DirectX 8.1b on the computer and not the last version 9.0b. see details in my applaunch.ini I must apply the fixes depending on the version of directX installed. see details in my applaunch.ini at the moment, i use a freeware call applaunch.exe http://abernard.net:81/software with a ini file that contains all the install commands I have some problems with WU that requires reboot after MSFT IE6SP1 installation in order to be installed And an other problem with InstallShield installer in Drivers. I would like to have a great program to build the $oem$ folder and unattended.txt depending on the hardware !
  11. Google search : outlook pst compact OL2000: (CW) Compacting Outlook PST and OST Files http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...B;en-us;196990& Compact and Fix Outlook's Information Files http://www.techtv.com/callforhelp/howto/ju...3409489,00.html Managing the Outlook PST File http://www.zdnetindia.com/help/specials/of...ries/17533.html I believe the third solution is the more accurate for your problem : if you can't launch Outlook 2000 (hangs up), start at point 2. make 3. and 1. then continue 4. til 12.

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