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  1. overclocking a vidcard would not do that, but overclocking anything else could. Your bad sectors are here to stay until you do a "write zeros to drive". the easiest way to do that is with a free utility called DBAN. Please be aware that a write zeros erases *EVERYTHING* on the drive.
  2. Hey, all. I joined here because of nLite, but this seems a great place for a windows techie to get and give info, so I'll give it a try. Just a note to everyone that reads this (or any other of my posts) I have a very abrasive additude at times... because of a couple medical conditions I tend to go off without even knowing it. For the curious, one is a hormone disorder, and the other is either a thyroid problem, borderline diabetes, or hypoglycemia - the bloodwork will be done to find out in a few months but the Doc says I definitely have one of them. Please be patient with me. Anyways, I have been a PC/windows tech for about 16 years now, I am just about to turn 30. but I am still in the scene somewhat. I am a PC hardware nut (err enthusiast) and a bit of a tomboy. I slowly got to the point where I couldn't work anymore because of physical problems, so I just sit at home all the time. God, do I miss being a tech. Anyways, that's about me.
  3. Thank you very much! I will try it out on my next build (working on my "perfect" install disk)
  4. Please tell me how to get to the control panel of an OS that hasn't been installed yet. I thought posting this in the nLite section would have been enough to make people assume I meant with nLite and that I wanted to do this to the OS pre-install, sorry for assuming...
  5. I have been trying to find a way to turn off the windows XP 'blue eye candy' (luna) theme on windows bootup pre-login (without removing it!) without success. Turning off the welcome screen does not help... TweakUI allows you to copy your current user settings to the default user profile (that is the one used to determine how windows looks before someone logs in when the system first boots up) but I have been unable to find a way to turn it off before login. I have found the desktop theme section in unattended and set it to windows classic already, that works fine...after the user is logged in. Ideas?
  6. Dance2die, there is an option in the "tweaks" section of nLite for that... no need to put a seperate .inf for it.
  7. There are a couple ways to totally remove IE core and still have functioning windows... I used to use a shell replacement called GeoShell, they totally remove IE (or allow you to and still have full functionality of a sort) but it is a very sloppy shell that focuses on having a nice basic interface and creature features... but most of the options require direct editing of the registry to change. I found myself getting very sick of regediting for the simplest of UI changes. Someone named vorck or something made a way to completely remove it for win2k (the install files, so it never gets installed!), I think it would work with some adjustments in XP. if you google his name you should be able to find it.

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