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  1. Um... I don't? Actually, one things: I don't open emails that are OBVIOUSLY spam, and I don't give my good email to a someone who claimed that I have wone $13.5 billion. (Sorry, that was two, not one...) Nothing more.. no anti-virus (remove them by hand when they come every few years), just the Windows Firewall (which I don't even know if helps or not), NO HOTFIXES (original SP2 installation). And it's been runnin' fine for quite a while...
  2. Hi all, I get this error message every time I type in the IP address of the client who I want to help: The remote server does not exist or is unavailable. I've tried the basics already (added the ports and needed programs to the firewall, even tried turning it off completely; turned on Remote Assistance in control panel; etc.), I know the IP address of the client is correct, and I need to say that I can help the client if he sends me the invitation; I just can't seem to be able to offer unsolicited assistance. One more note: Remote Desktop does work, but I don't want to use it because the client has to log off so I can log on. I've tried the program called UltraVNC; it works, I just want to know how to use Windows' features instead. System information: Tried dial-up person helping both cable and dial-up; neither worked. OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2, clean install, no hotfixes Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how to uninstall IE7 by force? For some reason, I don't have the spuninst folder in Windows (yes, I've enabled hidden files....), and it does not appear in add/remove programs (yes, I've checked the "Show Updates" button). And I don't have a system restore point either... Thank you!
  4. Apparently, you haven't used it before. I think it's great ; I suggest you try it out. (Just a suggestion!) It can emulate a Local Hard Disk as well as act as a RAMDisk. It can start up Automatically or with the System. I have tried the HD/System combo, as well as set the pagefile, but it's unused (no pagefile.sys, no space allocation).
  5. How do you put your pagefile on a RAM disk using the AR Soft RAMDisk? *Pleeeease*!!: I do NOT want this to be another thread on the web about why instead of how!!
  6. I just read this topic... How do you patch any file to work on XP?
  7. Does anyone know how you can get the compressor? Netopsystems.com is weird, and I don't know whether it is free, commercial, shareware, etc. Does anyone know how you can buy or download it? Thanks.
  8. Sure, no problem. For those that always say do a System Restore... I always assume that they've tried that.
  9. Create a file named [something].reg, and copy this in: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Shell"="explorer.exe" Import it, and restart or log off and on. Does it help?
  10. http://www.radarsync.com/vista/
  11. Did you just resize (or somehow repartition) your Vista drive? Check to see if Vista still has the same drive letter. Does it help? Also, you might want to check out recovery software.
  12. I have seen this problem in my Vista RC2 before - but after I reinstalled it, it was gone. I think you have to go to the folder properties, customize, and then select the content to be All Items. Does it work?
  13. You don't have to (fully) disagree with me. Your RAM is way above 98's needs and unless you spent a fortune, you didn't get 256mb of ram when you bought the machine. Personally, I would have installed XP too, as ram is your limiting factor anyways, not CPU. Just recently I upgraded (my call) a small network from Win98 to XP and all the machines had similar specs to your box.My point was, if you had a 98 grade box, you wouldn't be able to run XP. And by 98 grade I mean it would have been 400mhz or less and 16mb or 32mb of ram. You bought your machine pretty late in the 98 life-cycle. I did buy more RAM, I'll admit. However, 600 MHz with the old hard disk is pretty darn slow for XP - but it works fine.
  14. I wonder if it's still prohibited to use a GPS in a plane? I wonder why, because why should it emit any signals more than a laptop (w/o wireless)... it receives satellite info, not sends them.
  15. I disagree. I have an Emachines 600 MHz with (I think) 256 MB RAM, and it runs XP a lot better than 98. And, can anyone again remind me of how Vista has RAM management? I guess SuperFetch is a form of "management", but certainly doesn't help most applications with 512 MB RAM.
  16. Well, I'm not sure about any partitioning utility specifically for Vista, but here's my suggestion (with errors and fixes to them): Get Acronis Disk Director Suite 10. *IMPORTANT*: Create a WORKING Windows PE or BartPE or some other CD. Resize your partition. If Vista will boot properly, then you're done. If it boots, but the profile is messed up, google change system drive letter and do what it says to change the system drive letter back to normal. If it doesn't boot, then use your CD to boot, and use bcdedit to set the osdevice and device to the partition={drive}:, then do the previous step if needed.
  17. Oooh, I think I know! Check out your system drive letter (taskmgr, run, notepad, Open, etc.). Is it the same? Probably not. In that case, google “change system drive letter” (no quotes) to find the solution.
  18. Well, practically every process (except System and System Idle) that is part of the system uses almost double the memory. And Vista has NO memory management to me - it has HD and CPU management. Which part of Vista, could anyone tell me, actually optimizes memory usage? Also, could someone tell me what exactly changed (globally) in Vista (except the looks) that causes the high RAM usage?
  19. Good point (about not using Vista if I don't like it.) But take a look at mine (about optimizing HD/CPU and not RAM). I have not tested Vista on higher end hardware - If I want a quad-core, then I'll buy it and stop complaining. But although RAM isn't expensive, upgrading by 1GB can cost 15% of my notebook price right now. (Compaq Presario V24xx) And, the truth is, I like Vista's look. That's why I'm not going back to XP - XP looks "half done" to me, because half the icons are 32*32*16. My point: I don't get why adding a little to the looks causes every system process to double its memory usage. Explorer is kind of understandable, but svchost? Come on, what's changed? I have to say, Vista is truly more "evolutionary" than "revolutionary".
  20. I've noticed that this is what MS did to Vista: It put a bunch of useless stuff in it to make it slower and less efficient, and then it added features like ReadyBoost, SuperFetch, etc. to claim it'll run faster. I've removed many services and, even when my computer is idle, I have 300 MB of RAM used - no startup programs... nothing. In XP, that was around 120 MB. What's the deal? Even the new "features" don't decrease RAM usage - they only decrease Hard Disk/CPU usage!
  21. Can you boot from CD? If so, get O&O RescueBox (or some other recovery thing) and recover your registry. Then, get the activation info.
  22. I am (or at least was) an AMD fan because of x64. The laptop I'm talking about is an AMD Turion ML-28: Presario V24xx. And what's that thing about the BIOS partition? It seems interesting.
  23. Just a note: I'm a POWER user... I know the basic checks (like in the BIOS, etc.) Compaq only lets me adjust "performance" or "battery life". I tried ClockGen, with the most appropriate option, but it never actually "applies" the settings, even when I press "apply". The chipset seems to be right. And, as a side question: Whenever I press F10 during the POST, it enters the BIOS after a "please wait...". Whenever I press F4, it says "please wait...", but absolutely nothing happens - I tried F4 then F10, too. But nothing happens (like the BIOS resetting or something). What's supposed to happen?
  24. Does anyone know of any way to underclock my laptop? I know that it automatically does it, but I want full control over it.
  25. I have no idea when this post has been placed, but I'd really like to know the answer, too. Microsoft Office 2003 Picture Manager uses the animation in the file save dialog... where is it located?
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