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  1. Just a quick update, I have a new modem now (alcatel/thompson speedtouch 546 v6), the problem persists.
  2. I had the same problem, and I found a good solution -> anapod. It is the only downloaded software I ever paid for, and believe me, it's well worth it. I just used PayPal to pay it and that's it. You can download and install a 30-day trial as far as I know, it just has some restrictions. I've been using it for 1 year now and it's awesome.
  3. the idea is that two cpus (or cores) are quicker than one alone, the idea is that two can do work in less time than one, and that is exactly the point
  4. Fact is, you need a driver to make hardware work properly on any OS, and when there does not exist a driver for it, then it does not work. Of course you can try writing one yourself or something like that, but...well, go ahead .
  5. A 965 chipset does not work under 9x 'cause there aren't any drivers for it afaik.
  6. So I could get a normal Audigy? Good to know...lol
  7. The normal 98 serial works for SE - I have to know it, as I have used the first edition serial for 5 years now, 'cause I don't know where the SE manual is .
  8. Just an addition to my last post: this wmp bug still happens with my 71.xx drivers, it seems to be an issue of the card itself at win9x?! Anyway, it sucks.
  9. The Audigy2 does not have a 9x driver - nor does the audigy 1. How did you make the card work (if you did at all)?
  10. I have some news. Last night I encountered my problem again, I had eMule running to test if there was any improvement after playing around with my TCP/IP settings, and when it happened, I closed all windows, disconnected from the net, opened TcpView and closed all connections that were closable. Then I reconnected - and hosts were found, but the speed was like...I don't know, 56k would seem like a rocket compared to it. I made a speedtest from another Austrian ISP and it told me 10 (!) kbit/s (I usually have around 2000 kbit/s). And the best thing is - the browser is loading to no end, but the connection does not show any activity at all, only once in a while some kbytes. Just check the speedtest pic here. And the best best thing is - my upload is as fast as usual, or better, even faster than usual with 37-38 kb/s (usually about 32 kb/s). I really don't get anything anymore now. It's really funny to see each post in this topic appear one by one. I never had a 34k modem, but I can now imagine how it must have been .
  11. Shooters just don't play any good on consoles . Also, playing around with hardware is quite fun, and we do not have 98SE2XP for no reason here in this forum .
  12. Yeah I already wanted to play around with the NIC settings, but there isn't nearly as much to play around with compared to your screen, and nothing that really sounds useful, only wakeup on lan stuff etc. I do have: Early Tx Treshold (15) Link Down Power Saving (disabled) Link Speed/Duplex Mode (auto mode) Network Address (n/a) Receive Buffer Size (64k bytes - the highest) WakeUp on APR/PING (enabled) WakeUp on Link Change (disabled) WakeUp using APM Mode (disabled) I will maybe get a new mainboard anyway with onboard LAN on it, then I will see if there will be any change.
  13. I have been an Intel user most of my comp time, and the one time I had an AMD was with a VIA chipset, and that was just a complete mess, it was a horrible experience. I will not use a VIA chipset again, so I hope that this ASUS board and/or the ASRocks really are conroe ready (some big german hardware page says that a BIOS update is not enough and you do need a new board for the conroe, even if you have an only 6 month old socket 775 board).
  14. I have already used DC Pro for cleaning my nvidia files after uninstalling my old 71.xx drivers, I didn't know it also works properly when I don't uninstall them before using DC Pro. Thanks for the advice. *edit* very nice, I now have the 77.72 WHQL and this "on top" problem still exists - and also all my media players (usual 7.1, media player classic, etc.) screw up any videos big time now, the colors are beyond good and evil and it just looks awful. It happens with *.avi and *.mpg, *.wmv works fine as far as I can see. What the hell is wrong now? I suppose mister DC Pro just messed up a bit too much - or the driver just sucks - AGAIN. God... *edit2* ok, i found out that somehow the new driver set the overlay gamma at 6.00 (default is 1), that's why everything looked like crap. Still the WMP hangs when I play a video and I put a browser window or any other window above it. Did not happen with my 71.xx.
  15. Well, help please, I wanted to uninstall these darn 81.98 now and as somebody before said, you cannot do it in the software panel, it gives you an instant error. So how the hell do I get rid of this crap?
  16. Please stop with the OC-thing, and also with the proxomitron stuff etc. I have encountered this problem since I have internet, and 6 years ago I did not have this computer nor did I overclock my old one, and I did also not have norton or even proxomitron on it. It is certainly not software-related and also it has nothing to do with overclocking a computer or whatsoever. The only two things that make sense are a) a windows issue or B) something with the modem.
  17. Mine does too, but if you do not want to stand still and move with time, you have to upgrade your system from time to time. I do everything to NOT have to update to 2k/XP/(not to mention vista), but I do update my hardware from time to time - and after over 4 years, it just is about time.
  18. Ok, I have updated the vtcp.386 file (and done the TCP Optimizer things), and I have also downloaded executed this patch, it didn't help. I could try the 6.20 drivers for my NIC, but I doubt that it would make any difference. I will still do it later. btw, as I do not have any modem driver etc., it tells me that my connection to the internet is 10.000.000 bps when I open the connection window. Maybe windows 98 does not get along with that?
  19. Check prices for intels new core 2 duo, it IS cheap compared to other high-end CPUs on the desktop market, and it beats these CPUs easily. If you want new hardware, you will change your board anyway in many cases, and as Petr showed above, there exist new boards with AGP slot - and some old with the same socket would just require a BIOS update. There is really no sense in your argumentation. Just check prices and benches, that's it.
  20. Well, why not buy something that is cheap and has more performance than anything else on the market? 'Cause you don't find it "innovative"? That's a VERY bad argument to be honest. And simple does not necessarily mean bad.
  21. I do not use SATA at all, just IDE drives, so I do not have any use for that anyway. What I expect...well, the CPUs released by Intel after the Northwood all kinda sucked, but now the Core 2 Duo seriously rocks, so if it is possible somehow, that would be my choice.
  22. I don't want to start a new topic, so I'm just using this one for my question. My system is a P4 B (533mhz quad fsb) 2.8GHz with a ASUS P4T533-R - yes, right, the 32bit 1066 rambus board and one of the buggiest boards ever. And now that I have upgraded from my old GF4 T 4600 to a GF 6800 GT@Ultra, my CPU is just a limitation. So I want to upgrade my board and my CPU (and my RAM of course), but I don't know what is the latest hardware that still supports 9x. I had a barebone with a 875 chipset and it just did not work with 98SE, the setup just hung up at the beginning most of the time and the intel chipset software which supports 9x did not work with the 875 chipset. But I'm sure there are people here which run 98SE on newer rigs than a 4 year old board and CPU. So if you have any suggestions and recommendations for a new intel sys, please tell, thanks!
  23. ...and that the WMP hangs when it's not on the top while playing a movie, lol. I consider switching to the 77.72, is this one more stable (and gives good performance)?

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