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  1. this app stops for me on v1.6.474 the cquisition of uTorrent by BitTorrent killed it for me.
  2. w00t! I didn't see this before... THX rado for this app!
  3. I clicked a few randomly,and found some nice ones, TYVM
  4. *Updated to version 1.41 thx for any feedback
  5. sorry to here about this. thx for the update
  6. R33K3R


    hello RBCC this is the wrong forum,go here .
  7. Publisher's Description: SubMagic is an application to convert, edit, sync or create movie subtitles. It supports several formats, has a lot of features and functions, is easy to operate and is free. Latest Changes: Fixed an incorrect CR/LF sequence during saving of ASCII files Screenshot: Application HomePage Download: MD5:D1F5B55FD25DC493CCB514B76D4F8E4C RapidShare
  8. R33K3R


    Here [Edit] forgot to mention Winrar also can extract the .dl_ files if you don't like command line.[/Edit]
  9. my bad,sorry I misinterpreted "fresh source",thanks I'll try again
  10. didn't see this however I can't download any of your files because its hosted at eSnips.com which require registration and GigaSize.com which simply doesn't work (maybe just for me) also you can only edit topics,you can't delete 'em ,so let's call it a mirror for now ...
  11. Subtitle Workshop supports all the subtitle formats you need and has all the features you want from a subtitle editing software. Some of the features are the following: user friendly interface, can handle both time and frame based subtitles, massive subtitle conversion, can check for and fix errors in subtitles, can get frame rate from a movie file, associates itself with the subtitles extensions you want, adjust subtitles, recent files list, etc. Complete list of features & ScreenShots Download: MD5 : B695247818F721DCC2B9B6A792CB4CD4 RapidShare
  12. I don't know what happened,I just tried to use the integrator with new nLite 1.3 RC and it fails,i started with a fresh source as you instructed but nlite 1.3 RC gave me this then I tried to ignore the prompet and select No. the slipstreaming begins then it suddenly fails and give me this: any help is much appreciated
  13. It's "/S" not "/s" *Case Sensitive* the installer is Wise Installer so basically it should work.
  14. well,you can export the serial from registry to a reg file,then add a CMD file to your installation containing the line regedit /s key.reg
  15. ok man, thanks for the response,keep up the good job this now is part of my next CD
  16. waiting for it but one last thing, what does "True" means?

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