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  1. @tri: The Windows XP FAQ on this forum.... first topic, please let me know if it helps! @x: I get a zip archive with 2 inf's and a dll, I don't use nlite, what is nlite?
  2. I am running XP sp3 on a HP pavilion dv6000. I have fixed most issues on this machine but one remains: Almost everyday, Windows update takes over the machine for 5 minutes, even when it has nothing to download or install. Reading the FAQ above, refers to a KB article that recommends Fixit to correct the problem. When I run Fixit, it reports that the system is configured incorrectly, reports that it is correcting the configuration, reports that it has verified the correction. But the problem remains and running Fixit again confirms that it has not changed. Does anyone know of a manual fix for this problem? Or is some software that is installed causing this problem? A service is not configured properly? Thanks!
  3. @frogboss: Thanks, next time I won't have to transplant it from XP maybe... @Everyone: Latest version seems to render video better on my particular machine, although it does some weird stuff too. I have Radeon 128MB GeForce and 800Mhz processor with no SSE2 acceleration. Looks like it was able to squeeze a better frame rate at small video sizes but there's not enough processor power to do large video well or hi def streams. Try scrolling away from the video while it plays and then back onto it again, sometimes it goes into fast motion mode to catch up - really weird, must be some real weird frame buffering going on, then again that could be the video driver, they tend to be very buggy. That's my report snuz
  4. Hello all, Is there a procedure to extract the new flashes dll's as they become available? A way to do it without downloading and installing to XP first and grabbing the plugin? Or a site that just archives the plugin dll's without the installer? ( I thought filehippo did this , but doesn't seem to be true). I can't get the Installers to run on 98 anymore. Looking for the plugins, not the active X. And don't direct me to adobe's website with a 100GB download of which it is not easy to even find the dll, it would be easier for me to steal it from an XP machine! Just wondering what the state of the art is. . . I don't want a hexed version, just the plugin. Thanks
  5. The comdlgex patch corrects a specific problem of some applications requiring a newer, slightly different print dialog than included with W98. The two dialogs are so similar that more or less the data to fill in the dialog fields just needed to be rearranged a bit. The patch fixes the problem of the newer dialog not being recognized on W98 and reformats the data for the old dialog and calls the old dialog instead. This was the problem with Sumatra, I don't think that FF has that problem, [but I could be wrong], I always get a print dialog from FF even before this patch - unfortunately, I don't get much more than that. But that's all that was fixed here, the dialog not popping up. Programs that call the old W98 dialog don't need this patch and won't benefit from it. Programs that failed to show a print dialog will be helped along by this patch. Before the patch was created, KernelEx would stop the error of the new print dialog function not being found, but it didn't show any dialog. It allowed the application to still load and not crash when Print... was selected but didn' t allow printing to occur. Programs that could put up a print dialog won't be helped by this patch. If someone with a little more knowledge of this would care to commnet in case I got it wrong....So yeah the title of the thread includes FF, but the solution on here is only for Sumatra afaik. Hope this helps and clears things up a bit. If someone knows of another application that is actually print enabled by this patch ( or you really got it to fix FF) let us know !!
  6. @dencorso: Maybe I'm using it incorrectly, but W98SE loader reports it is improperly linked with alignment less than 0x1000 and refuse to load.
  7. Confirming the latest works for me on Sumatra 1.8. I don't see any way it could possibly break anything else either. Thanks very much.
  8. Just adding some more info on the broken save/open dialogs: Doesn't matter which version of the translation dll is used, doesn't matter if it is located in \system\ or local to the application. The Sumatra open save dialogs don't work. Using the latest comdlgex.dll ( 3 functions) also doesn't pop the print dialog in sumatra. comdlgex2.dll does enable the print dialog to pop. Installing ComDlgEx.dll ( 3 functions again) in \system\ broke open and save dialogs in Kmeleon1.6. although some apps still had their open/save dlgs working. And.... I am using the portable version of Sumatra1.8.
  9. Yeah, good idea, put all them in there! I notice that the other dialogs like save and open are broken now... I used method 3 to install. Any way to get them to map through to comdlg00 as well? Sorry for my ignorance but what does Ssync_ANSI_UNICODE_Struct_For_WOW - stub: SetLastError(ERROR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) do for us?
  10. I can confirm it works with Sumatra 1.8. I placed the translation dll in the folder with sumatra, cloned the comdlg32 in \system and removed the reference from "known dlls" in the registry. I hexed the translation dll to replace PrintDlgExA with PrintDlgExW. I tried it with Sumatra 1.1 and didn't have much luck, flagrant abuse of memory ensued and I don't think I got a readable output in several tries. But it did link up okay I don't think this has anything to do with Mozilla apps though, they always pop the print dialog, just output mostly blank pages.... Edit// the previous post in the thread popped up as i wrote this, sorry for the duplication.
  11. You might try toast.net. When I had them a couple of years ago, they were very good. Avoid anyone who wants to install on your machine...as others have said. These companies just purchase time from modem banks, I think the actual equipment is owned by your phone company. I would guess that somebody besides netzero bought access to your area, unless of course nz negotiated an exclusive contract. If there is cable out there, and you call your local rep ( not the central office), they might hook you up for $25, real broadband plus basic tv access. That's what I have now.
  12. I was using the latest version with no problems until the Kmeleon project stopped working with it. I no longer use it and am forced to "chubby" configuration with 98 Explorer.
  13. I see. W95 shell under W98. The SH95UPD description says "This project implements functions not found in the windows 95 shell .. SH95UPD is based on the KernelEX project, and is basically a stripped down version of KernelEX". To me, this implied a KernelEx-ish equivalent for W95. So Tihiy's comment about "make SH95UPD a bit obsolete" made me wonder if KernelEx was now compatible with W95 (it has been previously stated by Xeno86 that it isn't). However, if SH95UPD isn't actually a KernelEx-ish equivalent for W95, then we can conclude that KernelEx continues not to support W95. (And I'd also better stop referring W95 users to SH95UPD.) Joe. SH95UPD uses the same technology as KernelEx to add or overwrite entries for the OS functions that are missing in the older components. It does not duplicate the functions of KX, it just allows the use of W95 shell with W98 OS. It may help some programs that only run on 98 to run on 95 if the missing functions happen to be the ones it replaces, but it won't allow XP programs to run on 95. Basically, it adds a few common functions that are found in the 98 shell to the 95 shell.
  14. cleantmp reads the temp directory from the TMP environment variable. This could have different values at different parts of the boot process, so it depends on if you have autoexec, config.sys or not and whether you run cleantmp from DOS ( autoexec) or Windows. There is no problem with programs that use temp to stash data as long they update it because it will not be more than a day old if you start your machine every day. Waiting more than a day or two could be a problem however, as they will be cleaned. One has to wonder the wisdom of stashing data in scratchpad directory that should be considered volatile. If your program, Norton - whatever®, really depends on data from there, I would try to hack it to use a different directory if it is hard coded because that is stupid behavior. If it reads it from an environment varialble ( and remember there are 2 tmp and temp !!) I could make you a cleantmp that cleans the other one, you could then set it 's improperly used temp environment variable to something more reasonable such as it's own folder. Typical stuff that clogs a temp folder on w98 is downloaded pdfs, videos, mp3s, flash that crashed the system, it will stay there forever as well. And these files are often very large.
  15. You should test. But theoretically, it should work. And thus make SH95UPD a bit obsolete.Next release is final and delayed because we don't have time. RC6.rar is close to final. You can post it probably; i can't because xeno would punch me. Firstly, thanks to you and Xeno for your much-appreciated work. Now, simply (as it's still unclear to me at least) - does this mean that KernelEx is now (or should be) compatible with W95? (There have been requests for this from W95 users, and previously, the nearest offering has been SH95UPD.) BTW, just took a quick look at the Compatibility Database in the Wiki at SF. It's not clear how new app's are added to this, but perhaps the page looks different once you register and login (maybe a new ADD button becomes visible). I'll check further into this when time permits. Joe. The fix mentioned involves using the W95 shell under W98. There was a conflict between the W95 shell and KX which has been resolved. I don't know if KX will work under the W95 OS. Afaik, you still need SHUPD95 for the same programs it always was needed for. That is, I don't think there are any W95 shell entries that have been added to KX to make SHUPD95 obsolete. The problem was an incompatibility with the W95 shell that crept into the code at some point.
  16. I made this long, long ago, and thought someone might be interested in this... This utility deletes folders and files from the temp directory after several days from creation. Time should be a safe test to delete them, even if some app puts something there expecting it to be present on restart or a partial download is there that you don't want cleared on startup. It is a DOS32 app that I run minimized at startup. You'd be surprised how much crap can accumulate in the TEMP directory. Afaik, Windows ( even XP ) never cleans up the temp directory. So here it is with source code. cleantmp.zip
  17. Thanks all. I will try to download a bit later. I once tried to download that adobe flash archive. it's about 1GB. couldn't make head or tail of it once i got it. Wow, current version of Flash running on W98, AX and plugin. Never thought that would be possible. Thanks Xeno !!!
  18. Could someone post links to the last version of Flash 10 to work with KernelEx? It's 10.0 r45 I believe. I got a version of the plugin for Mozilla from the Kmeleon website but it includes the "feature" of not deleting the flash files from the $temp directory. I'm looking for one without this hack for both Mozilla and the ActiveX. There is a link to the last Flash 9 in the splash page of this thread but I didn't see Flash 10. Thanks everyone.
  19. yes, this is normal, only one FF can run at a one time, especially because they are referenceing the same bookmarks. things would get really screwed if you could run them simultaneously. Well, I don't know the details for certain, but I will guess that FF3 copies profiles from FF2 when it installs and clones them. I don't think FF2 ever would look at FF3 data unless they are sharing a profile. If they are in separate folders, they probably are not. But I'm not an expert on FF, and perhaps you have set them up to share the profile without your knowledge. That would explain how FF2 eventually came to reject or not be able to find your profile last time you installed. I would recommend you ask these questions in a FF forum, this has nothing to do with KernelEx.
  20. If you installed FF3 over FF2, that is, into the same folder it should keep your settings and migrate them to FF3. Since you didn't complain about it , I guess this is what happened. Maybe you then tried to install FF2 over FF3 ( into the same folder in other words ), since I have never done this, I can't say for sure, but maybe FF3 had some settings incompatible with FF2 and the "reverse migration" got messed up. Now, it sounds like you recklessly did the same thing again, installing FF3 over FF2. Whenever you do this, you are deleting the previous installation, so there is no way to go back. What would have been smarter would have been to ask this question before installing FF3 and then someone could have told you to install it "side by side" with FF2, into its own folder. Then you could have easily gone back, in fact you would be able to choose FF2 or FF3 since you would have both. Let's hope you don't need to downgrade and then it won't matter anyway.
  21. I am reporting a possible problem with kernelx core v 4.5.14 (latest rc4 I think). This on 98SE. Attempting to run KMeleon 1.6preBeta. This works well under normal circumstances, however I am a user of Windows 95 shell and it fails during program launch in that configuration. This would mean that KEx is dependent on some part of Explorer.exe, Shell32.dll or Comdlg32.dll as these are the only files changed to switch shells. I don't know if KEx project is interested in being compatible with shell from '95, but I hope they are. I doubt this will be hard to correct although maybe the place to correct it is not in KEx. In any case would like to know what can be done about this. Here's the dump of the failure: K-MELEON caused an exception c06d007fH in module KEXBASEN.DLL at 0167:7d0143a5. Registers: EAX=0087f168 CS=0167 EIP=7d0143a5 EFLGS=00000246 EBX=00000000 SS=016f ESP=0087f130 EBP=0087f160 ECX=c1548560 DS=016f ESI=7d0185d8 FS=215f EDX=8191aea4 ES=016f EDI=00690000 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 5d f8 8b 45 0c 89 18 a1 1c a9 01 7d 85 c0 74 Stack dump: 0087f884 00000001 80004005 00000024 7d0185d8 7d01a108 7d018400 00000001 7d0187ee 00690000 00000000 0000007f 0087f194 7d0127d0 0087f13c 7d01a108 I would be willing to put in time/effort/expertise to further debug this, just need instructions on how to find the dependency. Thanks all.
  22. It is certainly possible to install Flash 10 by tricking the installer, this involves some registry hacks to convince the installer that you are running XP, then you change them back to 98 defaults. Another way to install is just to substitute the Flash 9 dll with Flash 10. so installation is not a problem, you can search the forum for details. However, install does not mean it will run. There is flash AX control for IE browsers and Flash plugin for Mozilla browsers. I think the AX requires Kernel extensions to work while the plugin does not, and in fact some versions of Kernel Ex interfere with Mail links on Mozilla browsers. Even so, not everyone has been able to get Flash 10 to work. I for one, have had no luck. It may be a hardware issue rather than an OS issue, as some with minimally patched ancient W98 have gotten Flash 10 to work, and others have had no luck. I wish someone could definitively comment on the problem (Tihiy, perhaps?) because I am very interested to have this functionality. btw, I get the error message as well with FF2 browser/Flash 9.
  23. Just to make this thread a little more complete, sp193 and I found my problem. My particular installation of IE6 seems to check shell32.dll version from the dllGetVersion method. If it finds that it is W95, it launches IExplore by the old method of running it. In case of W98 version returned, it exits with an error 259 which is apparently trapped by some other component of W98 ( Explorer.exe ???) and launches the internet browser ( most of IE is already running anyway ). My problem was solved by removing dllGetVersion in SHUPD95, which is normally set to spoof W98 shell. The answer was found by comparing Dependacy Walker traces of IExpore.exe execution under W98, W95 and SHUPD95 versions of shell32.dll. Many thanks to sp193 for patience and individual attention throughout this process.

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