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  1. Well in any case I think the classic menu is laid out better for all I need it for, more streamlined.
  2. Sorry didn't mean to put it off topic. My question was about a function/non function of the classic start menu, since I just started using it again and since the start menu was being discussed however me using xp sp3 was just background, as far as I know the classic start menu isn't changed in xp sp3, no? I'm not asking any beta related question so why would I need to wait to pose this little question? No hostility or tension intended.
  3. Hey, was wondering if any of you could help? I recently formatted (been a long time) and reinstalled with the second refresh of sp3. I decided to go with using the classic start menu again and I dropped some links (on the top part) and I would like them to expand but I don't remember what to click to make it do that, or is there? Not super important just kind of nagging at me, I have complete Object Desktop and Object Dock so I have plenty of shortcuts anyway but between all the Windows settings, Tweakui, and Stardock I can't remember how to make these folders expand!
  4. Hey Xstyle I tried your sidebar yesterday for just a few before I sacked out and it works great, I really appreciate it so don't get me wrong, but a few questions that you may have already spoke to (so sorry). So, do the slideshow files have to be bmps, All my pics are jpgs, I'm not sure?? Also, am I understanding that you can't drag mp3s into the box, you have to do the path dialog? Will it have drag and drop capabilities?
  5. Thanks LukeSkillz, and looking forward to http://img137.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nonameoo4.jpg Xstyle, as well as your completed icons.. Merry Christmas\happy holiday everyone..
  6. The Codename Longhorn is pretty cool. Thought that sidebar was going to be in there too, guess not . I've got a tiny problem of there being a little pink line here and there in some skins but it's probably just particular to my system, barely noticeable anyway.. Merry Christmas back at ya' too and thanks!
  7. Hey Xstyle, thanks! Just wondering, sorry if covered already but say a particular skin has a new version do you just merge it over the old or are you supposed to remove it from the reg first? Also, if you wanted to just remove any particular skin do you just look for the particular lines that it adds and remove them? Sorry if the questions sound noob..
  8. I would just like to express my appreciation to Xstyle and other skinners for making Win9x so jaw dropping beautiful and giving new life to this os, I really mean it ! I use my (actuallly WinME) box as a HTPC in the living room and it's more awesome than I could have ever imagined, and quite stable too! Also of course big thanks to Tihy which I have expressed elsewhere already. Even if there were no more skins or RP produced I'd be quite satisfied with the way it is now, but it keeps getting better. THANKYOU!
  9. I just put a "my computer" toolbar on the taskbar.. doesn't directly solve your prob though sorry.
  10. you should NEVER install any version of RP under WinME. most of the components from the Revo pack don't work under WinME and I keep getting SETUPAPI error messages when attempting to install ANY version of RP under WinME. It looks like RP hates ME's setupapi.dll file. Tihiy should drop ME support for his Revolutions Pack. or at least prevent the installation of RP under WinME. I had been requesting this several months ago to abandon ME support. Installing RP isn't what just gave me this problem, or should I say it may have ultimately caused it, I don't know, but RP works great on my ME box and after I got it back up and running and reinstalled it and a few other things it's still awesome. I'm not saying you or others aren't having issues but I'd never uninstall it now after seeing how "sturdy" the skinning is compared to Windowblinds (on ME that is), Windowblinds I do use on my main XP box though and it's extremely fast and functional though. I would add that as well as using Object Desktop on my XP box I still use some (older) Object Desktop apps on my ME box besides WB, for instance icon packager works.
  11. Nevermind, I got 'er back doing a clunky ME reinstall
  12. More details on how to go about either if you could? How or what could I do from a command prompt? I'm not in that deep.. Do you mean I shouldn't have done the ME sp install after I did the RP7? Cause RP7 is an awesome piece of work
  13. I'm in a tight spot right now, hope the guy or someone can help. I currently have a awesome ME installed on 1 box but I was using the new Power Pack 5.0 and thought I'd make sure I had the latest so I installed the ME service pack and when I boot I get my wallpaper but explorer doesn't load giving me this (the Explorer.exe file is linked to missing export USER32.dll:GSM.) Is there anyway to repair this while booting or something? My ME install is really set up the way I want it and I would like to save it if (for me) possible . Thanks..
  14. It's excellent and works great, thank you!
  15. I have about 240 skins that I use on a WMP 9 install. Among them is VistaStickMediaPlayerSkin and WindowsMediaPlayer11Toolbar however these are minimal skins but I have tons of cool ones. I wish there was an easy way to share them, it's about 50 Mb worth.
  16. Running ME, completely patched with all official updates using an ATI AIW 7500 (which is DX7 I believe?), but of course running DX 9.0c, I can't get transparency. I have tried a lot of the unnoficial patches too, but same result. I have also installed as much of my Stardock stuff too, and some of that won't even run e.g. ObjectDock, WindowFX . Is this just the way it is for 9x or possibly just because of my DX7 card? Are transparency and "alpha blending?" interchangable terms? I must add there actually is one form of transparency that I have and that would be the see-through window/desktop that tv has using MMC 8.9. But this would use maybe a different overlay or proprietary routine or something? Using ATI Hydravision, the Hydra effects tab is not there. Anyway, jump in anywhere you want I'm just rambling now.. ,oh I forgot to mention that I also use this little app called Simply Transparent that gives my icon labels see through as long as I use bmp's and don't use active desktop, forgot about that one.
  17. Sometime ago I downloaded the 4.1 powerpack and thought it was so cool that folks were still working on keeping 98x relevant. I installed parts of the powerpack on my older second box, currently in the closet, although we just got a nice new 26" Hyundaii flat panel tv and I'd like to hook it up as a HTPC maybe. Anyway for starters what I have for OS is 98 full, and 98se and ME upgrade discs. I'm not sure if I did any of the patches/enhancements in the right order etc. and I'll just wipe it again depending on advice here, and I just downloaded the latest of these: autopatcher, sesp21a, 98SE2ME, and RPLite6PP. Is there a particular order or exclusitivity with any of these, I'm confused a little and not near bright enough take all this in. Please don't just say it's up to me, I want all the bells, whistles, upgrades I can get but I want to do it in the right order etc. Remeber I just have the ME upgrade (if that matters). What I'm working with here, if I can even remember is an MSI K7T Turbo-R with I think a Thunderbird 1333 oc to 1400, an ATI AIW 7500, and choice of either TB Santa Cruz or Aureal SQ 2500 for sound. Sorry if this is too pedestrian or I could have searched etc. THanks for any help!
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