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  1. Sorry only now i noticed that, during a maintenance on my website, and a small change in the permalink structure, the link above isn´t working. This is the new link. now with a wordpress permanent shortlink that will always work. I also edited the above post and the first post of this topic to redirect to the correct script. Link removed by admin - Trojan infected
  2. First post updated. I created a PHP script on my website that lets you create your own personal regfile selecting only your desired tweaks from a list of checkboxes. To anyone who still uses WinXP, might be worth to check it out. You can check the script here I made an english version of the script specially for users from MSFN.org. Hope you all enjoy.
  3. Hello, i'd like to know if theres any way i could add the Hexxeh's build of Chrome OS "Flow" into my pendrive with my Windows and Ubuntu Setups. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello to all. My question is: how can i modify the bootsectors DAT files so that i can make them look for another folder other than the ones in the root of the DVD? Example: I have in the root of my AIO-DVD the folder called PRO1. Inside the root is also PRO1.dat, the file that will search the the setupldr.bin in side the PRO1 folder and make the boot. What if i want to put the PRO1 folder (and the PRO2, PRO3, 3ENT for windows 2003, etc...) inside the BOOT folder, so they be more organized and not show all mixed up with other stuff in the root of my dvd? I tried hex editing the boot sector (PRO1.DAT) and changing PRO1 inside of it for boot\PRO1, but it didnt work (i also tried remove null values to not change the size of the file, didnt work either)
  5. Nobody knows this? I think the Libraries paths are stored under registry, if so i can export it, but the mapped drives are more annoying than that, i believe.
  6. I've googled site:msnf.org but only found one topic about backing up mapped network drives but it ended up only linking to an app. I wanna do it without any third party. Where are the library settings and Mapped Network drives stored on Windows, so i can back them up? Thanks in advance. gugutz
  7. Hello. I tried to plug my notebook HD on a USB case and install Windows XP there. Im currently using Windows 7 on my main HD, but i'd like to maintain XP on another drive. When it finishes copying the files, and restarts to being install at T-39, it will give me a BSOD. Is there any workaround for this, or will i have to open my notebook and insert the HD there, than install and remove it again? Another question: if install is giving me a BSOD, if i do what i mentioned above (removing my main drive, inserting the XP drive and finishign install) won't it give me a BSOD too? Thanks in advance for all your inputs.
  8. I want to backup my net places so i can include it on my dvd, and so far the only thing i found was: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\PublishingWizard\AddNetworkPlace\AddNetPlace\LocationMRU] "a"="ftp://xbox:xbox@" "MRUList"="cba" "b"="\\\\Carol\\c" "c"="ftp://xxx:xxx@ftp.gugutz.com" Does anyone know how to do it, or can get a clue from the tweak above?
  9. I could not find a way to get vista loaded on my multiboot dvd. currently using cdshell. i tried to get isolinux working, but it gave me a fatal error at time of booting, all the time. Did anybody already do it, and can teach me how?
  10. i downloaded a fresh copy of cdimagegui as you suggested, considering that mine was actually broken, but got the same error. where do i find this "boot-info-table" option on cdimageui? I searched all over the program and couldn´t find it.
  11. i downloaded syslinux, copied the files over, edited my isolinux.cfg to my needs and made the iso with CDImage, but when the iso is loading in Virtual box, i get this error msg: Anyone had the same problem? How to i solve it?
  12. @ xspeed: try to coment the following tweak in your logon.reg file: ; Set custom logon box [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "GinaDll"="custom msgina.dll file" ;--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. both are under windows xp sp2. simple file sharing is off, i setted permissions and acess levels for users on both machines. nothing seem the be wrong with firewalls (i even disabled it to see if it would solve the problem)
  14. I went to a client´s home to make her pc see her notebook (and the other way around) throught a wi-fi network, so as share her hp printer. What happened was that i could see her notebook on her pc, but the pc (and the printer connected to it) wouldn´t appear on her notebook. So i left her house leaving a "half-network" done. Does anyone any an idea of what it could be? It never happened to me before. And all the services need for file sharing to function are setted as auto and initiated on startup. Am missing something really lame? Thanks in advance. gugutz.
  15. If im not mistaken, Half-Life / Counter Strike doesn't need to be installed each time you reinstall your system . At least here at home i just make a backup of the the entire (already installed) steam folder, then just make a shortcut to steam.exe on your desktop and you are good to go! Couple of other games works like this too, like WoW or Ultima Online. Maybe if you create a DVD putting the game folders on $OEM$/$1/Games/ you will have your games installed when you install your unattended xp dvd.
  16. are you using a aio dvd< ´cause it has happened to me when i used nlite to remove stuff from my source and forgot to copy txtsetup.sif to the boot directory of that source in the DVD (in my case, PRO1). It seem to me you are having the same problem.
  17. @Glenn9999, i believe the diference is none. I used to use the CMDHere powertoy, but in my personal opinion, i preffer to have that using a simple and small regfile. But i dont believe that there is much (if any) difference between the two. By the way, thanks for the new tweak. (it was already copied) @camarade, i really think its a good idea, but why inf to internationalize. I currently mantainf two packs of tweaks, one english and another brazilian. but it is to hard to mantain the two. What i intent to do is put them all in one single pack again, but have descriptions in different language is every tweaks. Also, i will look inside each reg file and copy every customizable value to another reg file, witch will be called "custom.reg" That way, all the localized tweaks (such as context menus, title bars and stuff) would ALSO be in another file, witch could be imported after all the others, therefore configuring the user´s system in its default language. let me know what do you guys think of the idea (not to sure i expressed it all right, but..)
  18. Just to explain my absense during the last months: I moved recently. On the new apartment i had to wait to get an internet connection for a long time. Finally the internet company installed their equipment, and now i have my radio (ugh!) connection back. I read the replies on this topic, and gonna make some updates on the reg files, and so on myself to keep up with what is going on since i stoped visiting msfn. And i think that maybe just about time to start compiling and hardly testing some Vista tweaks, since i noticed that lts of ppl are now using it. Anyways, just to let you guys know that did not abandoned the project, and my intent is to do a new release very soon. Thanks to all the ones that help (specially camarade and DL. helping to solve problems and doubts of other users in the topic.)
  19. The small icons works here for me here. Sorry for not being too active here on the forum lately. Don´t worry phaolo, it is safe. I always do that! kelaniz, some of those are already in the package, some are not. I will be sure to include them on the next version. Thank you. GrofLuigi, my mistake. Already corrected. @DL, thank you for helping the folks in here like you´ve been doing. Your knowledge on windows registry is not only great, it is essencial in this forum. Thank you man.
  20. did you evolve all the divs on the site in a primary div to make use of all the screen resolution users have? absolute positioning always works for me here, and instead of what you are doing, my reference is firefox to see if something works right or wrong. IE always screws up my codes.
  21. Hello to all. I´ve come here to say that i took the liberty to create a MSFN orkut community. Link to the community It´s openned to anyone that would like to join. Long live to MSFN!
  22. Acheron, i keep getting this error, even on previous versions: http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/746/erroyj0.jpg This happens on XP and Vista. I didn´t have the time to find out what is causing this, but for the previous 3 installations this problem happened, and reinstalling does not fix it.
  23. @some1, i havent updated my site yet. i´m have been a little lazy about it, but i´m already working on it. @lurk&jerk, you are right, i had trouble installing a network printer because of this service too. Next version it will be set to auto. @Chrysalis, yeah, this shouldnt be like that. Gonna fix that as soon as i get home. thanks to all.
  24. you don´t actually need to put everything together in one single XML file. You could get the sample XMLs that comes with XPlode, then make your list of apps, and place your file between the <include> tags that are inside the XPlode-xxxinstall.xml that you choose to use.
  25. hi, just_laze. My XP is now IE7 integrated along with all the hotfixes, and installs perfecly. But to do that, i had to give up using RunOnceEx. I don´t use RyanVM Update Pack, since i´m brazilian and the pack is only in english. So i preffer to download all the updates from MS site, and integrate them and IE 7 with nLite. Then to install my apps, i use XPlode. I think it´s way better than RunOnceEx, besides it has awsome interface and its much simplier to mantain the list of apps, since it uses XML technology. This is what i did to have my UXP DVD the way i want, and (at least as long as i used xp) i was having no problems at all. If ppl would like, i could make a XPlode tutorial for those who have no idea at all on how to use XPlode. But i really recommend it.

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