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  1. Thanks a lot! Had to scroll down the debug page so I didn't see it in the beginning LOL Thanks again.
  2. I was about to post that I resolved it already. I used that code and saved it into a string variable because i still needed to manipulate the equations. Thanks anyway.
  3. Really? Where? I don't see it. Sorry I'm a newbie in VB, i code in delphi most of the time
  4. Yea I just realised, stupid Visual Basic 8 requires .net framework 3.5...it's so new. THanks!
  5. Hi all, I need some help with delphi. I have 3 TLabels and a Tbutton on my application. Tlabel1.Caption := 2; Tlabel2.Caption := 4; When I press the Tbutton, I want it to minus TLabel2.Caption from TLabel1.Caption, and display the output in Tlabel3. TLabel1 and TLabel2 are not constants ie. they are the result of other maths equations. Hope i didn't make it too confusing. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all, I made a visual basic application and it ran very well on the computer I programmed it with. However, when I transferred it to my other newly reformatted computer with SP3 and tried to run it, nothing happens. Could someone tell me what may have gone wrong? I used Visual Basic 2008. Attached is the application. Thanks in advanced! EoyScoreCalc.exe
  7. Hi, No, I nlited it once from an untouched XP SP3 installation iso. Yes, the disk autoruns when I insert it into a running Windows system. I think it's one of my add-ons. I'll check all my add-ons and get back. Thanks for you reply also
  8. Hi, How will windows think it is in safe mode? If so, how to enlighten windows about reality? lol From the screenshot, RPC is started. It's a virtual machine so there isn't any network card, only bridged network connection. It's a clean installation so no virus should be the culprit. Thanks for your reply anyway EDIT: I think it's one of my add-ons that is the culprit. Will check all of them and get back.
  9. The best option would be to go to the remove components section of nlite, select compatibility and then check "Fast User Switching". Screenshot: Image removed by poster. Cheers
  10. Windows Installer was just an example. Here is a screenshot: Picture removed. I started the vmware tools installer but the installer displayed an error that Windows Installer service was not started or something along those lines, the installer couldn't start Windows Installer on its own.
  11. Hi all, I nlited my XP installation CD to about 300mb and integrated some stuff. Now whenever I boot up, automatic services are not started. For example in "Services.msc", Windows Installer is set to Automatic but it isn't started up when I boot into windows. I can manually start it without any errors though. This is the case for many other services. Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any suggestions? Thanks in advanced.
  12. Nevermind, my friend sent it to me already. Thanks mara- anyway
  13. I'd love to have the x86 version. Hope the moderators allow it Thanks.
  14. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone were kind enough to help me upload imagex.exe from the WAIK. WAIK is about 1GB and I don't want to download 1GB worth of stuff just to get a few 100kb file. Please and thanks in advanced! SOLVED
  15. Yes, a little kid would know that too, but what's the point of carrying around 2 cds when there is a perfect solution to combine both into 1? Good idea about the batch file, I'll try it out and post the results in a moment.

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