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  1. Add "AutoConfirm=1" to the [Display] section. Add "UnattendSwitch=Yes" to the [unattended] section. Most of these should be solved by setting UnattendSwitch to Yes (see above). The Install.cmd probably isn't executed because you've set EncryptedAdminPassword to Yes. This disables the Autologon feature.
  2. This sounds like a hardware issue to me... Have you tried using another drive and/or CD?
  3. Start menu folders are folders like any other and can be created using the "mkdir" (or "md") command. For instance: to create a "My Apps" folder in the All Users profile Programs folder, use mkdir "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\My Apps" You can't create shortcuts directly from the command line or a batch file without using a third party program such as XXMKLINK.
  4. When does this happen exacly? When you left-click the item? Single or double? What happens when you right-click the item?
  5. See if installing the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service solves the problem.
  6. The latest SMS 2003 OSDFP Update adds support for the Vista WIM file format. Don't know if the OS image capture component uses the same format though.
  7. When you create this .zap file do you just create the contents as in the article then save that file with the extension .zap (just thought to check as i assume ths is the case) Yup
  8. What cluberti means is: remove a test computer from the domain by joining it to an existing or a new workgroup. Create a local user account and make it a member of the Network Configuration Operators group. Log on using that user account and see if you can change the IP address. If you can, then the problem is caused by one of the domain policies.
  9. Right, that one can't be ignored except through the registry tweak mentioned by cluberti. Don't forget to configure whatever it was that needed configuring though!
  10. RunOnceEx.cmd does work with Windows 2000, as long as you add REG.EXE to the installation image. AFAIK it's included in the Resource Kit tools.
  11. How to publish non-MSI programs with .zap files
  12. Yes it does. The ActiveX control kill bit is supported by Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2 and above, so as long as you're running a supported IE version, the operating system version doesn't matter.
  13. Although the MS KB article does not explicitly list it, I assume this works with Win 2003, too. Does anyone know for sure?It does
  14. Could the disabling of any of these services be the cause of your networking problems?
  15. Someone posted a quite extensive description and troubleshooting guide for this error at Experts Exchange.

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