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  1. As atyndall suggested in post 2 use reshacker, Those buttons & pics your seeing on the image you posted are the bitmap resources in the setup.exe on the root of the CD itself...
  2. & for the original poster, yes NAS supports NTFS, I have an original of it installed on a system at the moment.
  3. Hey spiritpyre, thanks for sharing buddy, i'm into this sort of tweaking myself.. I find i'm using either reshack, exescope, notepad or XVi32 hex editor that much , that I made my own installer packages that also add the right click menu entries to open files with either of the progs I listed above.. Only seems to work on Win 95 through to Win 2000 though, still working out the reg entries needed to make them work on XP / 2003.. I have a package that allows to view all files binaries to via the right click method called PEEK, downloaded it off the net somewhere a while ago now..
  4. I wasn't referring to your post when your post was an internet connectionproblem, totally irrelevant to my post.. I was referring to the original posters problem {Ambassador} about an out of memory error..
  5. thats a fake, sp3 wont be out until around 2008 It's not fake, i'll post the file here for you to download... Run the sigverif program on your system & validate for yourself that the file IS indeed digitally signed by Microsoft.. There you go smart guy, DOWNLOAD & check it yourself with sigverif.. Tell me it's a fake now.. & I never said it was Sp3, just that Sp3 files are creeping through with updates, think about it...
  6. This is a bit of a stab in the dark, but I had a friend on a 98 system years ago tell me he kept getting out of memory errors on a machine that had very little hard drive space left on it, & was in desperate need for a defrag.. Could the out of memory error be related to page file.? Just a stab, Not sure if it's related... These Win98 errors can be so general as far as what the REAL problem might be...
  7. I've noticed that the Service Pack 3 files are creeping through with some updates though so their's definately one on it's way...
  8. I could post my cdimagegui.INI from when I repacked 5840. You'd just need to copy it to the cdimage folder, them run cdimage & browse to where your setup files are & press start to creat the image. I save the ini's for all iso's I repack to save me resetting the program defaults each time..
  9. At a quick guess i'd be thinking that either the Sp-tag file was missing from the root of the cd, or something related to Sp1 in the I386 folder
  10. Even removed it to show just a black screen. On both XP & Vista, the Starter Edition watermark shows within the last 3 seconds of completely booting, with all hard drive activity ceasing. I'm sure over the time of reshacking files, I came accross it once in the XP version of starter, i'm just buggered if I can remember which file it was. I'll work it out eventually, I was thinking of using a program that displayed all the dll's & whatnot in use whilst no other apps are open, might find it that way.
  11. Yeah thanks, I found that when doing a search. That post, even though it says to remove the watermark, actually removes the desktop build tag. I was looking for the file that has the Starter Edition bitmap in it that displayed it just when the system has completed booting. Even XP starter Edition has the same watermark. I've trolled through the registry & a bunch of files without luck.
  12. K_O_

    nlite with xp mce

    Yes it works well with MCE. I have the latest MCE myself, but it's on 2 CD's, how did you end up with it on DVD, surely it isn't an MS release is it.?
  13. Hello all. I was curious as to what file or registry entry was responsible for the watermark that remains on all open windows on the lower right side of the screen on Vista Starter Edition. & was also wondering if the same applied to XP Starter. I attatched a small shot to show the mark I mean. Thanks.!

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