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  1. MCE - optimal setup

    MCE = XP PRO + Media Center
  2. Cold Boot Problem

    I thought it would not boot at all if corrupt. Anyways I am looking for some alternatives to reinstalling - that is my last resort.
  3. Cold Boot Problem

    Recently my Windows XP has been stalling on cold boot. I would get to the loading screen with the XP logo and my computer's busy light will just go off. It will stay on the loading screen until I hit the reset button, at which point I get the F8 menu and it then boots normally. Any ideas?
  4. Need help really bad ..

    If you are trying to do a repair install and your Windows installation is not detected, I suggest going into the recovery console and trying to do a bootcfg or fixboot. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314058/
  5. PS3 or Xbox 360

  6. Windows XP Pro Reinstall/Repair – When and Why?

    If you are just replacing the cpu and leaving the the mobo intact then you wouldn't need a repair or reinstall.
  7. Error on shutdown/restart

    Thanks, will do. Well I was able to find the error. It was "USRprbdA.exe - DLL Initialization Failed : The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down". I have no idea what it could have been trying to do since the message only came up during a restart. I figured the only way to fix it was to find and install the lastest driver for an old USR v92 modem, but I just uninstalled it from the device manager and that seemed to have done the trick.
  8. Error on shutdown/restart

    I am able to get into event viewer, but not sure where to find the error?
  9. I have installed a new 200 gb hard drive into my old computer that is a sony vaio with 866MHz, 512mb ram, and radeon 9000 pro 128mb agp 4x video card. I installed windows xp mce 2005 on it and ran auto patcher along with a few minor tweaks. The problem is whenever I restart my computer, an error message appears with a sound and then immediately disapears and the shutdown screen appears. I have tried several times but it just flashes so fast that i can't read what it says. It seems that when I shut down the error doesn't pop up. The error doesn't have any effect on my system's performance as far as I can tell, it's just really hard to know what it is when it pops up so fast. Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Is there any kind of program I can use to log my shutdown errors? Any help much appreciated!
  10. Do you know what files it happened with? try reading this http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=11436
  11. If the avatar is limited to 130x130 and your image is 130x80, it won't be resized. To resize an image go into photoshop, open your file, then go to Image > Image Size and make sure to constrain the proportions. To crop an image see WolfX2's reply above. Hope that helped. If not, explain a bit more. =)
  12. Well first off tyvm for your help. At the time there was no reply here yet, so I did some digging around. Found some cool info I never knew in the process, but yes it was the setupp.ini file that I needed. I used the one i got from start > run > %systemroot%\i386\setupp.ini [Pid] ExtraData=786F687170637175716954806365EF Pid=76487OEM you were dead on =) Well when I started playing with the PID, the title bar started changing, now it says "Windows XP Professional Setup". The number I got was not the one from the COA sticker, but if I read correctly from my snooping around, Microsoft has keys on their website to use instead of the COA sticker keys. Thx again for all your help! =D Only problem now is finding out if it will actually be pre-activated, since I don't want to format at this point in time. I hope that when I need to, it won't bail on me.
  13. I followed this method for my Sony VAIO and upon installing windows it prompted for a cd key. I tried entering first the cdkey that was generated using the above method and then the COA key. Both were invalid. Any ideas? My system came with MCE 2005 and I'm installing with MCE 2005 as well. Any help will be much appreciated. I also noticed that in the title bar of the product key window it says "Windows XP Professional Upgrade". Is this normal for a MCE 2005 installation?
  14. Help with winnt.sif

    Thank you!
  15. Help with winnt.sif

    Can anyone tell me what my WINNT.SIF should look like for an installation that I will be able to use to repair? At the very minimum I would like to include my cd-key in the install. Is this possible?