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  1. I downloaded the latest nero7lite addon release and want to make it into an unattended nlite addon. I downloaded Inno script tool as recommended and attempted to use the wizard to make an unattended script including the switches as follows: code= /verysilent /norestart /USER="ZeWombat" /COMPANY="Marsupials inc." /SERIAL="my serial". For the life of me I can't figure out where to put those switches in the script. I looked in the help file & inno website, the website archeron recommended, the "crash course in switches" on this site. Everybody talks about switches, no one says how to get them into a script so they will compile! I can put the silent switches into the "parameter' dropdown in Inno and it works when I hit "run" but when I compile it, they're gone. And I can't figure out the syntax to put in the user\company\serial at all. HELP!?

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