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  1. Is everyone here as friendly as you are? You are correct it was a mistake on my part. I did not blame anyone for it, I just asked a question in my first post and made a usability suggestion in the second post. This is a forum dedicated to nLite isn't it? The way I see it, I did take resposibility, I did fix it myself, and without any help from anyone here. I posted that I fixed it within 15 minutes of my original post so no one would waste time looking at it or responding to my post. Not bad for someone who just found nLite today has already built several ISOs with it and thinks it is pretty freaking awesome! Pretty freaking Awesome can always be better and products are generally improved by developers listening to and implementing user suggestions. The reason it took me a while to find it is because it IS confusing to have mouse settings to swap primary and secondary buttons down under visual effects. If it were under sub category Control Panel->Mouse I would have found it in about two seconds and not posted. Instead I had to expand each and every Tweaks level and look at each and evry checkbox/radio button until I finally got to the one that mattered under visual effects.
  2. I found it. Had "Swap Left and Right Mouse Buttons" checkbox checked under "Visual Effects". Any chance of moving settings like this to a Control Panel sub catagory. It is a bit confusing. Dax
  3. I used nLite 1.4.1 to build an ISO to install Windows 2003 Server Standard SP@ with integrated hotfixes and not my mouse butons are swapped by default. This occurs during install of the ISO and is the default setting for each user that logs in after install. I have also tried to build without hotfixes with the same result. Why did this happen and how can I fix it. Thanks Dax

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