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  1. anyone know of a way that I can somehow run commands (e.g. wuauclt.exe /resetauthorization /detectnow) remotely on win XP machines? thanks
  2. I have been having trouble for a while now with two DCs in the same site not synchronizing the sys vol share. The two DCs in question are in our head office site. DC1 holds all 5 roles (PDC, FSMO etc etc) DC2 is the one with the problem. There are NO errors being logged in FRS at all. I have run authoritative restores and non authoritative restores, each time they seem to complete because event ID 13516 is logged but still there is no replication. Active Directory replicates changes almost immediately so there is full connectivity. I have also made sure that the NTFRS change journal is set at 512MB. Both servers are DNS servers and they point to themselves as the primary server, they are also GC servers. ACL on the sysvol share looks good as well, it is the same on both servers. We have another 7 sites and the sysvol share replicates fine between all of them, all the DCs in other sites replicate with DC1. Is there anything else i can check? i really need to fix this. thanks.
  3. Is it possible to use group policy or some other method, to disable users from downloading files from the internet? We have had 81gig of downloads in a month which is way to much for our network, so we need to find a way to limit users from downloading.... thanks
  4. inside IP's sorry i should have said that this problem is only on a LAN.
  5. We have been having problems with out network. Our servers, Switches, Routers, and workstations randomly loose their connections for a short time then will come back up. For example we run a constant ping all day and we will get replies for say 10 minutes, then maybe 10 request time outs, then lots of replies, then maybe 5 time outs. We have replaced all our switches, and our router and it is still happening. So we think it must be a NIC somewhere causing the problem. So my question is do you guys know of any tools that let you run diagnostics on NICs over a network connection? We have about 100 computers so to find out exactly which one is causing the problem will be very very hard without the help of some diagnostic software... Any suggestions would be great, we are getting mobbed in the lunch room! hahah
  6. We use shadow copies to help backup our data. We set it so that the server creates a shadow copy three times a day. I have noticed that on mnay of our servers (all 2003 standard) that all of the previous versions just simply disapear and there is only one (which is generally the most recent) shadow copy available. I have given the shadow copies plent of room to create the copies (20 gig actually) but at the moment i can only go back the most recent previous vesion. Can anyone shed some light as to why versions from a week ago are not there anymore? thanks
  7. Iam having some problems installing an MSDE database. I have downloaded MSDE2000A from the microsoft website and iam running the setup from the command promt using the following command : sql2000.msi BLANKSAPWD=1 the setup starts to run fine, then it gets to a point in the installation and the progress bar starts to go backwards and the setup exits without any errors being logged or any indication that the install failed, except that in the Add / Remove programs section of controll pannel there is nothing related to MSDE installed. how can i remedy this situation?
  8. there is a trust but the scripts dont run... is there anything else that needs to be set up?
  9. Short and sweet: I need to log into domainA from domainB through terminal services and have my login script that is located on domainB run. Is this possible?
  10. our links can support the extra traffice, it would be a little slow but it would be right. Each Server in every site is the DNS server as well as the DHCP server too... i have configured DHCP to assing two DNS server addresses for the client machines. The local DNS server address and the DNS server in our head office for the seccond one. This should make the clients look for the seccond DNS server if the first one crashes again, correct?
  11. yes the DC that crashed was also the DNS server for that site. We have 7 sites set up, about 3 of these sites are quite a distance away from the head office (two of the sites are 1 hour 30 min flight and another is a 5 hour flight away from our head office.) I was under the impression that the way we have our domain setup it would provide us with alot of redundency because if a remote server crashed the clients at that site would still be able to access the network.
  12. We have a single domain setup with multiple sites. Each site has its own DC which is also GC. Each DC is also a DNS server for the site. We had a server crash in a remote site last week and none of the workstations in that site could log on to the domain properly. (it took then about 20 mins to logon and they didnt have any mapped drives) We use DHCP and for the DNS servers we only had the one DNS server listed, which was the DC in the site. So im thinking that thats why the workstations didnt logon properly because they couldnt find the DNS server. So in DHCP if i put in another DNS server as an alternate DNS server, (it would be the DNS server at our head office) would this let the users still be able to logon to the domain without to much latency? thanks!
  13. we have one domain name with multiple sites, we have recently upgraded a server, which included changing its name. Now the NTDS Settings for one of the DC of a site has gone, which means there is no replication between this site and anything else. The server in question is a DC and also a GC, it was the only DC in the site. It is even missing from the Domain Controllers Group in Active Directory, i managed to manually add it back into that group but this has not helped at all. I really need help on this, i cant understand how the NTDS settings went missing. Can anyone please suggest any fixes for this please!!! thanks

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