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  1. Post Your Personal Weather Conditions

    Its around 10:35 here, temp is around 33-36C outside, in my room its 22C. But in the day time its lyk 107 F/ 42 C, usually sunny outside.
  2. How to lock any folder in XP?

    thank u so much guyz especially "FAT64"...
  3. How to lock any folder in XP?

    plz clarify it
  4. How to lock any folder in XP?

    Hi well da title says all that i just i want to know how to lock folder in xp? and am sure it cant be done thru MS-DOS. and i 've seen such locked folder, when i tried to access it, it said access denied and it neither shows da size of that folder? so anyone? any reply will be appreciated thanks ALi
  5. Visual Task Tips

    thanks for sharing mate.
  6. Repair scratched CD

    nice tweak dere ..
  7. [HowTo] add Hibernate button

    one more thing wat does cab as u have written dere ? some please help i m confused :S
  8. [HowTo] add Hibernate button

    friends i dunno much about it so canyone please tell me wat is "resource hacker"? regards Ali
  9. yay, i passed my IT course

    congrats bro...
  10. What are your favorite MSFN emoticons?

    here r mine favourite:
  11. yahoo sound problem

    well as far as i know try reinstalling audio drivers....
  12. Any tweak

    okie. i got it. thanks
  13. How often do you reinstall?

    hey jeremy, i want to learn about that imaging software any link, or any thread. thanks
  14. Any tweak

    thanks bro. here on ma pc internet is usually connecting at 44.0 kbps, and i also have direct connection to phone line. one more thing wat is da normal download speed on ur dial-up connection.here i m usually getting 3.0 kbps or 4.0kbps