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About millz

  1. need a sig plz

  2. wow thanks mate both u and sars
  3. I need a cool sig please

    nice sig man
  4. thanks sars ur the best @scubar i just got it and am learning to use it thanks ppl
  5. im totally useless at making sigs (ive got photoshop cs2) i heard that people like wolfx2 are really experienced at making them so i posted a thread thanks for the idea anyway
  6. Rate my NEW WolfX2 Sig!

    both ur avatar and sig are awesome hey can i ask u a question is ur name wolfecom on another forum??
  7. hey if its not too much trouble could u make me an avatar aswell
  8. Office 2003 vs Office 12 Beta

    so overall which ones better, 2003 or 2007

    finally sum1 who plays my favourite game , isnt it just amazing????
  10. hey ppl

    hey ppl im a new member on this wonderful forum and am hoping to be using this forum for a long time WWwOOooOOtTT!!!
  11. msfn web buttons

    cool i think number 5 would look best in this forum
  12. ok wen im done ill be back
  13. GunZ: The Duel

    ive played this for a number of months now and there seems to be hackers going round and deleting characters - mine was level 18 and that took me a month although its a really good game things like this spoil it
  14. Sony PS2

    hey ppl can u jus tell me if u have to pay to play online or if its jus a matter of gettin the hardware for the ps2??
  15. hey im new here and would like a sig if u have any spare time at all could u make me 1 using these specs -size - 650*150 (i know its bigger than 300*100 but i can resize it) -color - blue theme with any cool cars like mercedes slr or mustang or any cartoon cars if u like -name - MILLZ - at an angle of 45 (if possible) -pictures - any cool cars like slr and mustang or zonda thnks alot and i hope to be using this forum alot i posted the same thing in another thread sory for the inconveince