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  1. This is an oldie but excellent free program. Can Windows even show a 256px icon? That would probably be a huge file too.

    yes it can. and no the file isn't huge and neither is the size of it. it's probably about 5x5 inches or something on my comp's screen.

  2. i tried out America's Army a few months ago and i didn't really like it. you could practically kill a person with 1 hit from a sniper and there was other stuff that i didn't like about it. Also, note that the game is made by the US Army :P

  3. i see i see. i didn't realize that the connector for the CD Drive had 40. when i tried putting in the Floppy Drive as a slave, it did seem like there were more pins on the cable than on the floppy drive.

    anyways, i'm gonna search my other comp to see if i can find a cable that can make the floppy drive work.

  4. i do have something like that. it came with my CD Drive though(i didn't use it because my comp had an extra cable for that inside :).

    so when i connect it, do i use the cable that goes into the Hard Drive? because on my older computer(the floppy came from there), the Floppy Drive was a Slave while the HD was the Master. so do I do that or do i just use the other cable and make the Floppy Drive the master?

  5. If I want to use a Floppy Drive, i would have to use a cable to connect it to the computer right? The cable being connected to the Hard Drive(Master) and the other slot in the cable would be for the Floppy(Slave). Is this all it takes or is there more to it? I tried doing what i just explained but it did not work. the Hard Drive worked as my comp booted fine but the Floppy Drive did not.

  6. Greetings

    For a lot of time, i've seen 2 completely useless folders in Program Files which are protected by Windows File Protection. These folders are called "xerox" and "microsoft frontpage". I am wondering if there is a way to remove these 2 useless folders without damaging my system.

    I've also seen a tutorial on how to remove Windows Movie Maker without any damage to my computer but I do not think that there is any way to replicate that method of deletion. So it would be great if anyone could post a solotion here. Thanks.

  7. lol. RuneScape sucks :) and also JavaScript is waaaaaaay diffrent than Java. the two have no relation(except for the name)

    anyways, Java is crap. there are no good programs that use it(except Eclipse dammit) and as a lot of people have said, Resource Hog. really uneeded.

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