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  1. Actually "corpse" means "ptoma" (noun), while "necros" translates to "dead" (adjective). On the other hand, "love" is "agapi" and "filos" means "friend" ("filia" = "friendship"). Exact translations.

    Wikipedia says that phillos and phillo means love so...

  2. that wordlingo site is working fine here. although i can't translate from english to greek properly(when i typed in Corpse, i didn't get necros and when i typed in love, i didn't get philos).

    i'm also using Opera 9.10 if that makes any difference(weekly build)

    as for the javascript issues, try getting rid of your User javascripts. there's a high chance that they are causing the issues that you are experiancing.

  3. Like a couple hundred MB more than v2.0, which is not bad at all when you consider all the new stuff it brings. WPF graphics using XAML (the main thing for end-users, and it's no small change!), WCF which is a major selling point for programmers along with WWF, and WCS for authentication. At current storage prices (~110$CDN/320GB), that's less than a dime's worth of space. Considering everything it does it's a total non-issue.
    considering i will never use the framework and probably nothing which will depend on the network, it's better for me to just not have it installed. anyways, let's stop talking about it. the framework has been talked about enough already.
  4. Your one instance of having problems (especially if using a 3rd party installer) hardly makes it unstable.
    i used the official installer. i wonder how anyone would find the time to make a 3rd party installer on the day that it was released...
    As for crashing, I wonder what you're referring to, and if you could come up with log files or screenshots (supporting evidence) to back that up.

    i have the framework uninstalled, but the framework should install a new icon in control panel(forgot the name). when i clicked it, it told me some service crashed...i then killed the **** thing.

    It takes up space, yeah

    too much of it.

  5. i installed it. then i uninstalled it. it installed sooooooooo much useless stuff(some of which actually crashed).

    I hope that all the useless stuff was actually removed from your system :(

    Dotnet2 also left a lot of rubbish behind after de-installation.

    the other stuff had separate uninstallers so i just used those. i think that everything is removed but i'm not sure. i also checked Program Files and nothing there.

    I Have installed the beta without problem ! The RTM will be stable i hope !


  6. well, after searching Microsoft for some info, i found out about getting the info from the Clipboard here.

    the current code that i have right now is this.

    Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    clpData = objIE.document.parentwindow.clipboardData.GetData("text")

    Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")

    right now, i'm not really sure how to make the script figure out if the Clipboard contains a string.

  7. new desktop. i stopped using IrfanView and XnView beacuse they have some weird writing support that causes me to have bigger filesizes(even when compressed with PNGOUT). back to OptiPNG and PNGOUT.





    i swear to god, DragonForce is the best band. they've also been nominated 4 times in Guitar World :).

  8. here's the story. i am trying to make a right click menu which is supposed to re-compress a PNG file using IrfanView. the right click menu calls a .bat file named cvrtopng.bat which has the following.

    cd "C:\Program Files\IrfanView"
    cvrtopng.vbs %1

    the cvrtopng.vbs file has the following code.

    If WScript.Arguments.Count = 1 Then
    orgName = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
    savName = Replace(orgName, ".png", "-compressed.png")
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    WshShell.Run("C:\Program Files\IrfanView\i_view32.exe" & orgName & "/convert=" & savName)
    MsgBox("Use the parameters properly, b***h!")
    End If

    the problem is, a messagebox appears and says it can't find the file. the line is 5 and the char is 2(which seems weird). so can anyone tell me how to fix this?

  9. new one this time. i decided to go with a more simple wallpaper. and also, i have to admit that i am a DragonForce addict :)





    if anyone wants to know about the wallpaper, it was made by KoL. Enjoy! i also found a better way of compressing the PNGs which right now is really working out for me.

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