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  1. CD/DVD Writing:

    Burrrn is a very good burner which can burn anything if you have a command line encoder ;).


    NetVeda Safety.Net is the most bugfree firewall that i have ever used. it also has a small memory footprint making it very nice.


    CD Art Display lets you see the currently playing song right on your desktop. it also has some nice skins.

    RK Launcher is a program which acts as a dock and provides a nice way to launch your programs. it also has a couple of nice plugins.

    TaskSwitchXP is a program which acts as replacement for the default Alt + Tab window. it offers many extra features such as a theme-based GUI, Application preview, and much much more. it also has an EXTREMELY small memory footprint as well as a small filesize.

    Network Tools:

    XP Firewall Logger uses a file made by the Windows XP Firewall which comes with SP2. the program reads the file and shows the IPs to which you are currently connected to.

    System Tools:

    Dial-a-fix is a little program which contains a lot of tools which can make some errors go away. some features include rebuilding the icon cache, fixing a few services(like Windows Update, Microsoft Installer, SSH one, etc...), re-registering important explorer.exe files, and more

    Process Explorer is a program which is made to show all the processes that are currently active. it has a nice treeview layout and with nice highlighting as well as a lot of advanced features. if you're looking for a replacement to Windows Task Manager, Process Explorer is it.

    Replacer is a program which can safely replace system files such as shell32.dll . it also saves a backup copy so that you can revert back to it.

    Contig is an application that can defrag files, folders, or even a hard-drive. it uses a special way of defraging the hard-drive by using the Degraging API itself. since this is a command line tool, a lot of users will want a GUI. so see the next program here.

    Power Defragmenter GUI is a GUI for Contig. it lets you do everything that Contig can do, but with a nice interface for it. really recommend it for people that don't like command-line.

    Uninstall Tool is a very small program which can let you uninstall any program that is listed in the registry. the reason that it's very good is because it loads fast, it has a lot of features, and it's free. the default "add/Remove" in Control Panel is slow and freezes when you uninstall a program. this one doesn't.

    Foxit PDF Reader is an alternative for Adobe Reader. it runs fast, it loads the PDF files fast as well, it offers some tools, and a few other features. the main reason why it's better than PDF reader is because of its filesize(just 2MB) and because PDFs load in less than 5 seconds(usually 1 second but depends on the filesize of the pdf file). i'm using the 2.0 beta right now and it's being very stable.

    RegSeeker is a program which cleans the registry of any garbage which is left from many programs that can't uninstall right. i've been using it for months and it hasn't caused my system to crash, breakdown, slowdown, or anything like that.

    RegCompact.NET is a program which can compact your registry hives. this supposidly can make your computer run faster. requires the evil .NET Framework though. there is a native alternative but it sucks so i won't bother posting it.

    FAR Manager is a file manager that has a DOS-like interface. it works very nicely and has a few plugins. Igor Pavlov(maker of 7-Zip) also made a 7z plugin for it.

    HDTune is a tiny program which can let you see a bunch of information about your computer's Hard Drive. it can also run an error check to check for any bad blocks. it's a very useful one.

    HijackThis is a program which can find a lot of info on your computer and delete some registry entries. this tool is very useful for finding out if you have spyware on your computer.

    CPU-Z is a program which can find out information about your computer's CPU, Motherboard, memory cards, and some other stuff as well.


    Skype is a program which can let you talk to any landline and mobile phone around the world. it costs money to do that, but the program itself is free. and also, if the person you want to talk to also has skype, then conversations through Skype are free. really nice program made by 2 very famous people(even though eBay owns it now).

    Video Tools:

    mkvtoolnix is a free program which can make Matroska files out of a lot of files(such as AVI). if you like Matroska, then you must have this program. the name is mkvtoolnix, but there is also a port for Windows via Cygwin.

  2. that is an issue with DirectX 9. reinstalling DirectX 9 could solve the problem. here are a few links.

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en <-- if you are a genuine windows user

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en <-- if you want all of the instalation files to be on your comp.

    i personally like the first link because it's faster, but if you have a slow internet connection, it sucks. if you do have a slow internet connection, then probably the second link is better.

  3. well im just talking about what the performance tab in the task manager says. is there a more accurate way?

    meh. the RAM that's showed on the Task Manager tab is nothing. a lot of programs can use up a LOT of virtual memory. Process Explorer shows Opera using at least 100MB memory ;).

    edit: here's an ss of that i mean


  4. probably, don't bother installing the .net framework and making it hidden so that it doesn't bother you? the .net framework is pretty much useless unless you have a program such as nLite that depends on it. but if the only .net program that you use is nLite, then you can use the alternate runtimes and not bother with the .net framework.

    btw: is it the .net framework 1.1 or 2.0?

  5. this is probably a bad suggestion, but you could use nLite to create and ISO with SP2 inside it. i haven't tried it but theoretically it should work.

  6. PNG is much better for screenshots since it does not alter colors and shapes like JPEG but it's also much bigger : my screenshot weights 1.6MB with Paint and 1.1MB when compressed with IrfanView, highest compression.

    there's a new format called JPEG2000 which has support for lossless compression. it also compresses files MUCH MUCH better than PNG. an average screenshot with advanced doo-hickeys is about 900KB while with PNG you get 1.5-2MB. it's kinda sad that it's not widely supported though.

  7. If what you need is a kick a$$ wordprocessor, WordPerfect is by far the best.

    No styles, use html type codes to format your document and if formatting is screwy, go into reveal codes to fix it.

    Don't need to decipher style sheet dependencies.

    yeah but the only downside to that is no unicode support :(

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