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  1. new desktop. i couldn't find a good DragonForce wallpaper so i decided to go with Rhapsody of Fire. here it is. Clean: Dirty: and once again, it's very highly compressed.
  2. ...the player which i am using is CD Art Displayer. i always use the latest builds too.
  3. here's a new one. main changes are with the dock Clean: Dirty: those images that i posted are very highly compressed. i doubt that you can make smaller versions of them, but meh. also, does anyone know of any good Playing icons? the ones that i have are kinda boring...
  4. Clean: Dirty: i've recently falled in love with the HmmXP theme
  5. Steve Gibson has known to an a**hole though
  6. you could also go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components and unselect Accessories. this is a better way to do it IMO but it might be a hastle
  7. outpost released a new version(version 4.0) which i just saw on the homepage. maybe upgrading might fix it :\
  8. i'm talking about your firewall. not yahoo messenger
  9. are you using the free or Pro version? because the free version sucks. it's only tested for Windows 2000(or lower). it hasn't been tested on XP and hasn't been updated in 4 years(i think).
  10. Opera already has an adblocking feature built-in. go to "Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Blocked Content to see all the blocked websites. you have to manually edit the think though. but if you don't feel like doing that, then just find urlfilter.ini(either in %appdata% or in the Program Files directory depending on instalation settings) and copy/paste. blame Microsoft for that. Opera always doesn't display MSDN pages because Microsoft can't realize that Opera supports the web standards. and AFAIK, Microsoft serves Opera an old and incompatable stylesheet for Opera to use. i can't say for sure that Microsoft does that because that's just my guess. however, i do know that something similar used to happen with Hotmail 2 years ago.and as for Firefox extensions, that's a horrible idea IMO. sure extensions are really great, but the end result is that you get slower startup, slower browser(in some but not all cases), and more memory usage. Opera has a ton of functionality which doesn't use up a lot of memory and doesn't mess with my browsing experiance. btw, if anyone is interested, here's a list which shows 150 firefox extensions. it pretty much shows if Opera has similar or better functionality. http://files.myopera.com/Rijk/blog/extensions.html
  11. i believe that you should have posted in the september section . August is already over.
  12. exactly. just use Tarun's method and the thumbnail won't appear there anymore.
  13. here's my new one. i didn't like my previous one so here's the new . Clean: Dirty: Cheers!
  14. the theme is called Watercolor. google it around and you'll find it
  15. the negative effect of having it is 124MB of storage space(well that's how much Uninstall Tools says there is). you also get more HD space taken away if you have the .NET 1.1 Framework(which i currently don't have). as for NTRegOp, i've only used it once so i can't say that i can back up my claims. however, i've found RegCompact.NET to work better for me since it has a more detailed GUI. Plus, it's Open Source
  16. i think this belongs in the Microsoft Beta section of the forums
  17. are you using Opera without tabbed browsing? because Opera has the ability to do that
  18. my first one for this month. DETHKLOK RULES!!!
  19. i've personally used Firefox before and i never plan on doing so again. when i tried Opera for the first time, it loaded like s***(the command buttons looked weird). but then again i tried it again and it seems that it was fixed. and now i'm using Opera 9.01 and i'm happy . the reason why i won't use firefox is because of its XUL garbage and its memory leaks. if i wanted a Gecko browser, K-Meleon would be sufficient for me. btw: if anyone is intrested in reading, http://files.myopera.com/Rijk/blog/extensions.html
  20. no. and asking for that around here usually gets people banned. so don't do it. no. and asking for that around here usually gets people banned. so don't do it.
  21. i seriously doubt that there would be a way to set it to use Firefox since Microsoft did make IE and because Windows Live doesn't work under firefox or Opera. if you want the program to use another browser, then get a better program for MSN(or LCS as they call it now)
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