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  1. It doesn't prompt to the right directory. It shows this path: C:\\windows\oem\ if i remember correctly. But when i click OK it doesn't install the driver because i guess the driver is not there. And i have to browse for the driver on the usb drive. I am using the second method when integrating the driver packs with DriverBase and i integrate all packs available. I hope this is the right method. If that is true then the path is wrong. The double-slash needs to be single. C:\\windows\oem\ C:\windows\oem\ That is the root cause of the problem. Our DriverPacks (Mass Storage) include bot
  2. If possible, may I request documenting the below oemscan commands: [system_ID] PATH=".\*\" RANGE="?" MATCHARG="?" CMD="?" The PATH command specifies where to copy the oembios filesets from. (IE: PATH="..\..\..\FILESETS\XP\A04597C6\") The RANGE command specifies where oemscan needs to look in the BIOS. (IE: RANGE="0xF32F0:20,0xF3310:20") Specifically I need to know what the "MATCHARG" command does.
  3. Yes. I have a bug report for you. OEMSCAN has a tendency to match DRIVE MANUFACTURERS as well as system OEMs. So for example if you have a Toshiba notebook with an HP DVD drive and an IBM Hard drive, OEMSCAN would first match [HP] instead of [Toshiba]. Or [iBM] before [Toshiba]. Because the RANGE parameter varies between systems, the only way for us to temporarily cure this issue is to juggle the oemscan.ini entries to put the drive manufacturers last in the list, but we still sometimes have issues. I'm working on a "manual over-ride" addition to my batch script addon to manually select th
  4. I use DriverPacks in textmode on my GA-EX38-DS4 (same ICH9) and everything works perfectly. www.driverpacks.net
  5. Wow, that's one of the best photos I've seen of Seljalandfoss (waterfall in south Iceland). Link to the photo please?
  6. If your notebook has a SATA HDD, then you'll probably need to slipstream your HDD controller drivers via Nlite, or use the DriverPacks MassStorage pack in 'textmode'.
  7. No, nor did I add any to the theme. I changed themes to Vista Ultimate and the problem went away.
  8. I was wrong about this. The window is screwed regardless of when it's run. It might be the theme. Trying now.
  9. I'm using Kel's Vista theme (fresh d/l from wpiw.net). When it's run from ROE, the window is fine. But when run from within XP desktop, it looks like the pic. I'm sure it has to do with the oversize text at the bottom since at ROE the text is fine. I'm making a new XP build, more testing...
  10. I think I found a bug. Installed in VM, screen resolution 800x600. Progress window looks like it's stretched out to the right beyond the window frame. 'Pause' button cut off, 'Abort' button missing.
  11. What's the significance of the BT & LS folders? What does BT & LS mean?
  12. I updated my OEMSCAN addon to 1.8. It now copies the OEM logos as well. http://siginetsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=541
  13. Just to update everyone (and bump this thread). I've made significant changes to my addon which now supports both single-OS as well as multi-OS disc-based installs (should work in RIS, but I can't verify). I'm also working on updating the addon based on the inspiration of SSX4life to copy over any OEM logos, info, or wallpaper files at the same time as activation. Once finished, this one addon should encapsulate the intent of all the other OEMSCAN addons out there. Link: http://siginetsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=272 How about documenting the available switches/commands/routines suppor
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