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    The funniest part is the whole area he has dedicated to managing licenses and activating/deactivation of them, this in itself belies the fact that you are actually buying licenses. You only gain access to them by donating. He can call it what he wants but blue is blue, the kettle is black and most are only donating to get rid of the watermark.
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    And koala's ... don't forget koala's ... jaclaz
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    Soooo... The policy is that "all donators separately and independently happen to receive a version without a watermark, and this is not official even though everyone (for example, dhjohns just there) states it as a rule and a fact"? I mean, bigmuscle is certainly entitled to creating whatever licensing terms he wants, but why would anyone want something like this? What's wrong with openly stating the reward for paying? The current system is confusing until you dive into the forums for stories about donations, and accomplishes... what, that no one has to admit the full software is paid? Is it because silently watermarked freeware (and a "secret" private full version) would look better to the visitor than straight-up paid software? Really, I'm interested.
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    Naw that's a rootkit note how it seems to have come from the disk drive
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    Naaah, this is it, it actually almost undetectable: jaclaz
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    Found this a while ago in the AutoIt Forums