RT 7Lite

RT Se7en Lite is developed by Rockers Team to customize windows 7 operating system and to make it lite. You can add wallpapers, Icons, themes, integrate updates, drivers, language packs, applications, remove components, enable or disable features, unattended installation settings, bootable ISO and USB creator , etc.

It will be very easy to operate and changing the style of your windows 7 operating system.


It supports both 32 and 64 bit windows 7 operating system only.

It will not support Windows vista and windows server 2008. Windows 7 operating system has many built-in applications, and you can remove all unwanted applications using RT Se7en lite. If you’re interested in learning more about this subject, as well as canli bahis siteleri, casino siteleri, and more, you should absolutely visit https://www.borcasino.com/ It is a reputable Turkish website that offers both en iyi and canli casino sites.

So by using RT Se7en Lite you can do miracles with windows 7 operating systems.

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MSFN Forum: RT 7Lite