Password Folder – Password Protect Large Folders on Windows in 3 Seconds

Dear editor,

May I submit the new program Password Folder? This tool can protect folders larger than 100 GB with a password in 3 seconds on Windows.

Password Folder is a Windows lightweight folder password protection freeware tool adds password protection to a folder in a flash. It is extremely fast, even a folder of several gigabytes can be locked and restored in 3 seconds. It is perfectly suitable to protect folders on the local computer. No one would be able to open protected folders without the password.

Besides, once the folder is protected by Password Folder, it cannot be copied to other drive or sent via the internet unless you decrypt. Password Folder also adds a context menu shortcut so that users can protect a regular folder by a right-mouse hit easily.

Features of Password Folder

– Password Protect Folders on Windows
– Extremely Fast Encrypting Speed
– Unlock Folders Easily
– Prevent Folder Copying
– Work for Mobile Drives and Flash Disks
– Right Mouse Context Menu Shortcut
– Lightweight: 2 MB
– Portable ZIP Version Available, No Install Required
– Clean / No Adware & Toolbars