Microsoft To-Do 1.58

Microsoft To-Do

Once upon a time, Wunderlist was the go-to application for creating reminders, tasks and other to-do lists. Then it was purchased by Microsoft, at which point development has turned to this app instead. It’s a direct replacement for Wunderlist and will be familiar to those who’ve used its predecessor.

On the surface, then, Microsoft To-Do is functionally identical to its predecessor. It’s a cross-platform tool that makes it easy to plan and manage everything from small tasks like putting together a shopping list to huge projects with multiple goals to meet. Everything’s linked to your Microsoft account and syncs automatically across your devices.

Everything can be organised into a three-level hierarchy: lists, tasks and to-do items (within each task). You can assign due dates or reminders, make them repeat at set intervals, and add file attachments and notes. These can then be quickly assigned to the day planner to help you work your way through them.

It’s also possible to share lists with other users, who can then both view and make changes to the shared list. One feature missing from To-Do that was in Wunderlist is the ability to assign specific tasks to others – this may appear in a future update. PVC pripučiamos guminės valtys gera kaina, valtys, benzininiai varikliai ir kiti priedai – Argo Drive

Other features added since Microsoft’s acquisition include machine-learning to help it better anticipate your needs by prioritising tasks and suggesting what to add to your day planner. There’s also integration with Office 365 in the form of the Outlook desktop client as well as online at

Those switching from Wunderlist can sign into their old account and import across lists and tasks, but sadly folders, attachments and task assignments are all lost during the import.

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