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WPI in the future wishlist

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Thanks for your response.

1.I think it is the 7za457.zip here. I ran some experiments and reported in here. I will run some experiments on 7za when I get back on my 64 bit machine.

2.You had told me how to set the screen to full, so I am doing that. Is it possible to have a switch?


In the post mentioned in 1., above, I had asked for hashes to be added to the DL page.

Thanks much.

John Christian

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Thanks, Kelsenellenelvian and mritter! This all sounds great!

I have run a couple of quick tests on 7za on my x64 machine for .zip and .7z files and it works fine. I assume since SourceForge shows it as an i386 file, it is OK with a 32 bit machine.

Thanks again.

Enjoy, John.

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It's not a big thing: I think that the WPI.ico file in Graphics folder is quite grainy. Perhaps we could use the WPI.ico from the Tools archive? I edited it to only have the 32x32 icon in it and attached it. ;)

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Please add, within the config menu, an option to sort the entries by install order (most important), alphabetically, or alphabetically within their category (with categories in alphabetical order). This will make it easier to determine whether or not there are multiple instances of the same install order, as well as making it easier to determine what install order number to give to each entry.

I appreciate all of your hard work on this project, it's absolutely amazing. Thanks~

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I've been using WPI for about 6 months now in a corporate environment. One thing I would love to see is a link (possibly the actual prog name in the WPI interface) to the installation documentation for said app. Some of my programs require additional configuration post install and my desktop people in the field need to manually find the doc on the install share. I'm sure this can be accomplished by modifying the code myself, if anyone knows what I need to do to accomplish this, please let me know.

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Let me congratulate you for making such a nice program like WPI. I have started using it recently and I find it very satisfying.

I have a request to make...

Will it be possible to give the user an option to select the installation directory, so that a/all program/s can be installed to any directory of choice, and not the Windows' default program installation directory?

Thank you for making WPI!!!

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