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Klikit Linux Alpha 0.3 Released

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Reminds me a LOT of Linspire. But that's OK...variety is the spice of Linux :)

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Klikit Linux is creeping into the News, as far as Im aware there has been no "Official" release yet so pretty good for a distro thats not gone public. As for being similar to Linspire, the article mentions its Storehouse as a possible competitor to Linspires CNR, the main difference here being that klikit is free (as in beer). Article here-

"Kubuntu-Based KlikIt Linux Alpha Version Available

by Ron Schenone on July 3, 2007 at 4:58 am · Comments

Categorized by General, Blogroll, Linux, Technology / Related Information

KlikIt Linux is based on the ever popular Kubuntu distribution with a few added touches thrown in for good measure. The distro features an advanced apt-get program called Storehouse which the authors state improves the adding and removal of programs. The Web site describes Storehouse as:

The Klikit-Linux Storehouse is a free, easy, one-click on-line service to install and remove linux programs (packages), libraries and drivers. It is basically a sofisticated apt-get Web frontend.

Because it is based on apt-get it does not depend on a centralized server, all the packages are pulled directly from the repositories listed in your system’s sources list. The advantage is that the software will always be compatible with your system, and will always be up to date. At this moment it is under very heavy development, and it is still not complete

I thought I would take this freebie for a spin to see how it works. This version can be run as a Live CD or installed to your hard disk. I opted for the hard disk install. I wanted to test the Storehouse feature. During the download I was impressed at the download speed. It could be that the KlikIt servers have not been slammed since this is a alpha [test] release. I burned the .iso to a DVD and let her rip. Quick side note: I am using the same test system I always use for Linux and I know that both Ubuntu and Kubuntu play well with my hardware so there shouldn’t be any problems. :-)

Before the hard disk install, I tried using the Live CD first just to confirm the disk was OK and also that all of my hardware was recognized. All was well so I proceeded to install the distro to my hard disk. The systems runs very well and yes it is Kubuntu. Unfortunately what I wanted to try, Storehouse, is not yet up and running.

Bottom line. I’ll try this distro again when it reaches beta testing. I am interested to see how it will compare to Click-N-Run."

Link: http://www.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/200...sion-available/

Overall - Im impressed. :thumbup

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