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Vista on 128 MB Ram


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Both my computers dont meet the min req on 512 MB ram. This was unacceptable to me, there has to be an easy way around that. After 2 hours of doing various things, i got vista installed on my pc with 256 MB Ram. My computer with 128 MB pc133 ram blue screened, but it did file copy

To bypass all the vista compliance checks type:

setup.exe /nosyscheck

This will bypass the hardware and software checks. On my pc with 256 MB ram it runs fun. And btw: looking at the source and the log files it appears the min ram is actually 387 MB Ram, not 512.

I found this out on my own without any inet access or any help, so sorry if this has already been posted/discovered. There's a bunch of hidden switches in winsetup.dll


Why would you want to do this to begin with? It's like pulling a 27ft boat with a 4 cyclinder pickup... it'll do it, but you will end up killing your system later on. There is a reason why Microsoft has these requirements. Vista is a memory hog, and to be honest, Vista isnt worth anything if you can't use it to it's full maximum potential. I have a 1.5 ghz cpu with 1.5GB of ram and it runs very slow on my machine... I would rather have my OS run smooth, than try to get the latest OS. Just my 2 cents.

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Unfortunately, I'm having to quote myself again, for the benefit of drogemeister.


Sorry to say this, but if you dont have something useful to say, then dont say it!

You dont need to mention that it wont run, etc...... Considering that the intention of the OP is to just see how far vista will go. Its about testing & tweaking!!!!!!

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