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Remote device input.


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Hey there again fellas.

I am looking for a device with a cable length of ~ 5-10 feet, that has at least 2 USB plugs, 1 PS2 plug, and Headphone/mic plug. I work in a LAN center, and we currently have all our comps next to the moniters, on the desks. We are looking at raising them about 5' above the customer's heads, making then impossible to mess with. We lost 3 comps a few years ago, and on a few occasions now we've lost parts due to people opening the cases and removing memory and crap. The issue is that alot of people come in with thier own gear, such as mice and headsets, and on occasion, thier own keyboards. I can get basic splitters and extenders for each of these items, but we don't want alot of cables hanging down, and we want to have it all in 1 unit next to the moniter. Obviously the unit is going to require it's own power input, I am not worried about that. All I need is some sort of device that will alow me each of these devices to be plugged in next to the moniter. One solution I have seen is a keyboard with USB and Audio inputs on it, but that isn't going to work for when they bring in thier own keyboard. So if anyone knows of anything that would work for us, please let me know.


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