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A free C++ compiler and a little info plz

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I love learning code and programming so I was wondering where I could get a free C++ compiler (or even *gasp* visual program) if there is such a thing. I have heard that its a good language for making games. Can anyone give me a little basic info?

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Hello dfarce.

Maybe I'm late but you should check this adress: http://nuwen.net/mingw.html

This man have ported the linux gcc and g++ compiler (both C and C++) to windows. It features gcc version 4.12

Download mingw-2.5.zip (24.7 MB) package, unpack anywhere on your computer and add the /bin path you unpacked de compiler in the Path variable of Windows Environment vars, for example like this: C:\MinGW\bin

If everithing works OK, you could open a dos window and call gcc in order to compile your files.

It also support Makefiles, if you are familiar with linux.

You can also search for Watcom compiler for windows (is free) or download cygwin and install gcc package.

If you need more help, please ask me.

Good Luck.

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Ok I ended up with Dev-cpp because thats what I found and it is great. I have found lots of tutorials and such and have made a couple programs. I tried making this program with classes and such and it just won't compile and I can't figure out the problem. It has to do with getting the class to return a string into cout<<. I had to uplaod the file as a plaint text document because the site wont take a .cpp file so you'll have to copy and paste it. If anyone can tell me the problem it would be a big help. the other problem says that I am trying to overload the class when I am actually not. it has to do with the void rs function with resets all of the values to the defaults. It says something about overloiading when I compile it but I don't overload the function at all. The code isn't finished but it should compile once the problems are fixed, it is just impossible to change the pedal speed and gears. if anyone can help I thank you :D


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