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  1. I had a thought, and if this is not the problem and it IS window's fault then here I come linux. But what if my PSU is failing, or having trouble. I added the second HD on the same SATA power cable as the first which could induce load problems. I will check with another cable.
  2. I reinstalled Xp and had a bunch of problems (was using an nlite slipstreamed XP upgrade) but I managed to fix most of them (sound driver problems, icon problems etc.). I am now only left with two pretty serious problems. One: Xp keeps restarting, without prompts and almost zero errors. I checked my temps which are stable at ~50C on athlon X2. The only kind of warning I get is my dial up disconnecting as windows shuts off Two: One partition of one of my hard drives (2 drives with 2 partitions each) is not showing up in Computer management>storage>disk management. The space on the hard drive is listed as unpartitioned. That area of the drive IS partitioned though. I know because I needed to load an Ubuntu LiveCD, format the partition with FAT32, then return to windows and format it with NTFS because windows wouldn't format it while it was running (because partition is on same disk as windows install). The weirdest thing is that I can write to the partition but am afraid to use it because of one time it suddenly appeared as RAW file system and I had to reformat. I will see if I can grab a few screenshots. So I have already posted about this on the MaximumPC forums with little success, but I do not want to retype it so check out http://www.maximumpc.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=62577 because it pretty much explains everything If I cannot fix this then then I give up with windows, and dual boot XP and Ubuntu but only use XP for windows exclusive stuff and games. *sigh* I do wish MS could build an easier to fix OS.
  3. Ok I ended up with Dev-cpp because thats what I found and it is great. I have found lots of tutorials and such and have made a couple programs. I tried making this program with classes and such and it just won't compile and I can't figure out the problem. It has to do with getting the class to return a string into cout<<. I had to uplaod the file as a plaint text document because the site wont take a .cpp file so you'll have to copy and paste it. If anyone can tell me the problem it would be a big help. the other problem says that I am trying to overload the class when I am actually not. it has to do with the void rs function with resets all of the values to the defaults. It says something about overloiading when I compile it but I don't overload the function at all. The code isn't finished but it should compile once the problems are fixed, it is just impossible to change the pedal speed and gears. if anyone can help I thank you bikeshop.txt
  4. I didn't recompile drivers. I may have accidentally done it but I doubt it, any other ideas? Oh and would what you do fix the problem? or just stop windows from checking for it?
  5. Ok I had tried a few trial nlite installs in MS virtual PC so I finally decided what I wanted to do for my options and made a final boot ISO. I then loaded this in VPC and installed it. now, on my first login, I got an error saying something like Windows didn't recognize some of the system files and I could either reinsert my XP SP2 CD to fix the files (the disk was the ISO I had slipstreamed with SP2 in nlite) or that I could continue but WARNING: this may cause system instability. Any idea if this is an actual problem or just a consequence of usin nlite. The one thing I will say is that I slipstreamed SP2 with nlite, added post SP2 updates with ryanVM, then altered that working folder again with nlite. created a bootable ISO (which didn't show the error when installed) then copied the working directory to a new named folder (so I could keep the working original "working") and changed it again with nlite before creating the ISO that showed the error. Am I actually compormising stability with something I did? Thnx evryone
  6. I love learning code and programming so I was wondering where I could get a free C++ compiler (or even *gasp* visual program) if there is such a thing. I have heard that its a good language for making games. Can anyone give me a little basic info?
  7. I noticed that after integrating SP2 using RyanVm (for post-SP2 updates) and Nlite 1.3.5 (SP2 and a couple of tweaks) my "my Videos" directory was missing from the start menu. I was testing the OS with a VM so Its difficult to tell whether autoplay was working or not. Im hoping that autoplay will still work when I go to actually install
  8. I want to automatically load firefox and a couple of other apps when I install windows. I was wondering if I could use the "run at first log on" option and also copy the firefoxsetup.exe to the disk using nlite. For example put firefox in D:\i386\firefoxsetup.exe the go to "run on first log in" and put run D:\firefoxsetup.exe any idea if I could do that or something similar? Or could I just integrate firefox using the hotfix integration tool in nlite?

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