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Driver Packs for Windows 95,98/98SE,ME

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ok... help me more on config.sys and others files... i download the drivers folder... have some memory files.. maybe you can help me create the config.sys and autoexec.bat... the msdos.sys, i don't know...

for now, what i need is the memory commands... the mouse\cdrom\USB i can activate it(the USB isn't updated... we can't change the drive on MS-DOS)

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MPXPlay is one of very few new programs which are able to use AC97, it has some own code for make this happens as Q2DOS for AC97, Realtek HD.. but its not classic Dos Sound blaster driver which would help you with games.
   I doubt that someone after 20 years will write SB emulation year for Dos and AC97, Realtek HD, but everything is possible, but it would take lots of time. More chance is actually HW mode, i know at least 1 mad Estonian capable it, he already made own ISA new sound card.. but it will not help you because you have Notebook, notebooks with wrong configurations are dead end. If you notebook would have at leas LPT port, there is chance, to get some Adlib sound through it - https://www.serdashop.com/OPL3LPT maybe of MB would have some LPC chip and using some soldering and some card bay, it would be possible in future, but it would be pseudo notebook experience, Notebook with big box to make it working.. and even that LPT soundcard needs lots of game patching..

memory command - as every command dos will give you help with: "mem /?" to print help, remember command parameters from top of you head is silly Linux admins ways.
   Thread is some thread about EMS, i dont know all answers. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=60451 it but you have to fiddle with memory blocks locations.. its auto is not working and if you finally load it, you can continue to fiddle to get even conventional memory, in my files are examples how to change locations.. Its really per machine, there is not universal super parameters, even some people claims it.
   Without at least some phone photos of you settings and error message, there is not other than general help..

  mouse\cdrom\USB - mouse is most simple, you can use good old mouse.com - which is using more memory, more sofisticated is ctmouse.exe both are in my package, ctmouse is default.
  USB - forget about it best you can get is some Bios USB to PS/2 fallback bios settings, which is on some boards not working correctly, that is why even on new boards make sense to use PS/2.. even for modern OS, for example, when OS is inicialized and need to press key for safe mode and USB keyboard is for seconds dead, because its not inicialized you have problem.. if USB is not working you have problem, PS/2 is always good to have.
  CDROM - again its in my package, you need to 2 parts.. drivers and some handler or how to name it. Driver -sys detects on your CD-ROM if IDE/Sata etc.. in my files are 3 major drivers, you need select right one.
  Handler - MSCDEX and SHSUCDX, first one is from MS old one, second one is more modern it supports even virtual CD-Rom images (not without CD audio its not implemented, it maybe would need HW mod).

  Again you have to read these config files, i added lots of comments into it, at the top of is settings (because of Dos design its starting in Config and its call sections defined in Autoexec based on selected mode and autoexec settings is influenced by setting at top it), to select want you want, there is not silver bullet.. Silver bullet is possible only on game basic, something like GoGs game Dosbox packages, where you dont have to care about it, you just run executable and usually its working fine.. 

If you want to continue really create here other thread.

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