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Nero 7 Lite/Micro


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After i uploaded all the lozalized versions, i will upload the Lite/Micro English to mediafire for the users thwy can not download from rapidshare.

Updated the first post with some languages, i will update more whenever the files are uploaded.


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just a suggestion, can you write a "last updated date" for files to your post? this way everyone can know if they have the latest.

i made an msi installer that includes nero, nero express, toolkit, mausau plugins and cover designer. i use files from the acheron's SDK and from someone on another board. i already made a post for version but the file listing there is working for, if anyone is interested in making an msi installer.

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Thanks, i will edit and mention that all the files are updated to today.

In a few hours, all the files will be uploaded, also the SDK of nero for anyone who wants to create his own release, as it has been suggested by the users.

Best Regards.

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hey Major thanks for the new update ive bine useing Nero 7 Lite for almost a year now i love it keep up the good work also i was wondering i seen you upload it Nero 7 Lite/Micro SDK Files i was wondering if you can upload English Nero Lite Final Files with the updates , also keep up the good work if it was not for you i would be still useing 6.6 as the 7 is way to big so keep up the great work

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