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  1. hey you might as well make new installers then you can do the English only for Nero Lite and Nero Micro and you can also update the files as some are using older files anyways keep up the good work
  2. scheccia, cybpsych is right i typed English *only* as im not from Italian i have no need of it in the installer with Nero Lite and also Nero Micro by the way im from Canada witch is English
  3. Excellent Job scheccia but i was going to see if you could just do a English build for Nero Lite and for Nero Micro
  4. Thanks Acheron for the update everyone have a good Christmas
  5. i went to the site also i don't see the new builds post it Acheron
  6. Acheron that sucks y would you not keep going and start on 9 ? I've been using Nero Lite for a long time from the begging of Nero Lite 7 it would suck just for you to stop with 9
  7. When i download Nero 8 Lite v8.3.6.0 and with installing it i Entered the Serial Number then keep installing the rest of it at the end there's a pop up for like 2 sec's something about changing the Serial Number cant really remember it was fast don't know if that's a bug or not that needs to be fixed or not anyways other then that had no other problems
  8. well it seems as it installs good as for burning i don't really know as i don't have anything to burn but im sure there good but also all be waiting for the new release also
  9. well i never did try it but i was guessing from what Barough post it a few post up about that with the new build its not working with the new nero
  10. That was fast awesome Job Thanks Acheron , Acheron can you upload the new SDK as the older one don't work with the new build
  11. Well i guess you beat me to it payday lol just came also to post about Nero Burning Rom was Released
  12. well you know i always use the new SDK also Acheron and thanks for the update keep up the good work
  13. Good to hear Acheron cant wait for the new builds and the new SDK keep up the good work
  14. Hey Acheron, lol, I got a headache looking at a lot of that stuff in the New SDK with all the stuff. Do you think you can do me a favor and upload one SDK for Nero Lite Nero- (the 33.3 MB one) and another one for just the Nero- (20.7 MB one). Both without other languages or anything else. and both in two separate download urls. Anyways, if you can do that for me I would really appreciate it Thanks keep up the good work.
  15. Nice Job Acheron Thanks thats much better cant wait also for the new SDK's for 7 and 8
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